Black People : USA PATRIOT ACT - what it means and does

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    There is no way that the USA Patriot Act came into existence solely in response to September 11th. In fact, it is clear from prior legislative and case history that law enforcement and intelligence have been trying for many years to obtain these powers. It is only the unreasoning "bunker mentality" that followed September 11th that allowed its planners to pass it.

    Indeed, one might question whether Congress could sincerely have intended this Act, given that portions of it are re-enactments of the 1996 anti-terrorism laws which had been repeatedly ruled unconstitutional by federal courts. One must wonder whether congress- persons were in their right minds. If they were not, this law cannot be valid.

    It's true local law enforcement agencies are using this act to arrest and harrass many african americans across the United States. I've read and seen it taking place in California, especially in Los Angel_es. Their police are well known for their gangster and terrorist attacks on common minorities.

    ( Recall the zoot suit war, all the riots and undocumented and unanswered random killings that have taken place there. Vigilante police operate and are sanctioned within the masses. )

    I wouldn't be surprized to find police across the United States are responsible for keeping gang war, activated and alive. Doing drive by shottings dressed as and perpetrating gang members.

    We do know that blacks do not operate planes flying from south america, and mexico, bringing drugs into the nation. We also know blacks nor Hispanics are responsible and participating in gun making, and by allowing our voice to be unheard we are condoning these kinds of riff and raff schemes. We should lobby for serializing gun shells. That would allow tracking of purchases, and would truly tell something about who are doing these random drive by shootings. It's not gun control, it's monitoring and caring about random violence, and our elected officials owe us more than a safe world, and community to live in.

    Protect and Serve.. that is the most ridiculous statement police officials and state officials could have placed on the side of those vehicles.

    What does it mean? To protect whom from whom? Does it mean they will protect and keep us from them.

    ( Us being black americans or undesirables and you must include this statement because that includes many of all race and hue. Rich politicians and americans who we support and fund can be protected and served from loosing that inbalance of property and power. They play over us on a daily bases. )

    Makes a grown man want to :cry: but later.. on celebration day when we all are free.

    To serve doesn't include the average citizen, police only reponsond and work in our communities for the action and gun play they get to participate in.

    I watch those shows COP's and others where they pat themselves on the back and try and show that they are fair, and just. This came after the Rodney King Riot, because Los :angel1: Angel's needed to recreate their image. What a good idea this was, so now we see it all over the country. :sand: :huh: But you turn that camera off and the real party starts. :uhoh:

    :uzi: Shooting all day at paper isn't as much fun as tearing into someone's skull or flesh with a piece of lead and being able to finally remove that heavy piece of iron from its holster more than the average police gets to do in so
    called " up-scale " communitys other's protect and serve.
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    Brother Hodee, thanks much for posting this... We, as African people need to break down and analyze this Patriot Act for mass understanding, because it is evil, it is utterly draconian wickedness... And, as you said, it is policy that has been sought after for years by the Business and Political Powerbrokers, who want absolute and corrupt power to reign...

    Some years ago I read The Prince Machiavelli, and was astounded to find that THAT is the blueprint of how power is utlized in the world today... It opened my eyes to how truly worthless each human life is to those in power... We are nothing more than pawns on a global chessboard to these folk, and that because we do not actively participate in the processes that control our lives... Believe that as we are sleeping in our beds at night, these evil men are concocting plans for our demise, and we are utterly defenseless to stop them because we aint got no COUNTER ATTACK... Thanks for bringing that piece, Hodee, and I will add my 2cents, as well....