Haiti : US Support of The Latest Coup In Haiti

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    US Support of The Latest Coup In Haiti

    “A cursory glance at events of the last fourteen years suggests that the fall of the Aristide regime was a foregone conclusion at the entrance of President George W. Bush and the installation of a cabal of appointees with a grim record of utilizing official and covert channels to destabilize uncooperative governments in the Western Hemisphere. What is immediately ominous about the current crisis in Haiti is the likely prospect that leaders of armed groups making a final assault on the capital will play important roles in a post-Aristide order. Such armed groups include the Tontons Macoutes, the gunmen who viciously supervised repression under both father and son Duvaliers' dictatorships until 1986. They also include members of the disbanded Haitian army that held power for three years following the coup against President Aristide in 1991, and the FRAPH death squads that mowed down the ranks of democratic civil society during that period, leaving over 3,000 dead and thousands more in exile. What is also now worrisome about this crisis is what it likely indicates about the intentions of the U.S. State Department and security apparatus elsewhere in the Caribbean.” Heather Williams Counterpunch March 1, 2004

    Now that President Jean-Bertrand Aristide is out of the way, the global elites can resume their two hundred year vindictive reign of terror on the descendants of the Africans who defeated the imperialist powers of Europe and fended off the ravenous advances of their harlot daughter AmeriKKKa. Despite the flimsy disinformation and smear campaign against Aristide in the corporate owned US media it was clear Bush and his cronies with support from the still humiliated and angry French instigated and orchestrated the coup that ousted the beleaguered President Aristide from power and temporarily halted any attempts to restore hope, dignity and independence to the people of Haiti. Any time you see non military rebels with automatic weapons, wearing military camouflage you know someone is footing the bill; a closer look usually reveals the US CIA, British M16, Israeli Mossad or similar agency are the suppliers and instigators. The comatose US mainstream media snoozed through its moral responsibility to raise probing and cogent questions like: how people even a New World Order lapdog like Colin Powell recognizes as terrorists and criminals were allowed to threaten and actually assault Haitian cities and President Aristide for three weeks and AmeriKKKa, the UN, CARICOM nor the world community uttered not one word to make the thugs back down or pause to rethink their position? How did people like Louis Jodel Chamblain a convicted murderer, a former Haitian Army officer and 1991 coup co-conspirator, Jean Pierre Baptiste a leader of the CIA supported front organization Haitian Front for Advancement and Progress (FRAPH) and Guy Phillippe a former police officer known for his ruthlessness who was trained by US Special Forces all who were either in prison or exile get back to Haiti? Where did they get the arms, funds and support (foodstuffs and supplies) to amass a rebel force? You won’t see these questions in the corporate mass media, that’s for sure.
    The mulattoes and bougie Haitians hate Aristide because of his affinity with the long suffering masses. The so called rebels are of this predatory class and their allegiance is to their o European masters not the masses. Once the traitors made their move in early February, the US repeatedly and deliberately gave mixed messages in the media; however at no time did Bush, Powell or any key policy maker demand the thugs surrender their arms, withdraw nor did they threaten reprisals for their treacherous actions. You don’t have to be a military analyst or career diplomat to grasp the fact the US definitely was not throwing its support behind Aristide in this situation.
    Just reading between the lines in the corporate disinformation outlets we could see what was really going on and intuit the US is behind the coup. The fact there was no incredulity or horror expressed by and in the media that the thugs, hooligans and renegade military leaders who ran the military, led the death squads and drug running operations during the Duvalier regimes, who had a hand in the coup that ousted Aristide in 1991 could simply resurface on the island and be well armed and supplied players in the current coup, speaks volumes. At no time did Bush, Powell or the world community send a strong message the US would militarily support Aristide, defend the Haitian people and tell the rebels to back off! Despite reports of killing, looting in several cities and knowing the only entity between the terrorists and anarchy was a weak and poorly equipped Haitian police force, the US still did nothing, another clear signal the US had no intentions of intervening on Aristide’s behalf. The fact the rebels demanded Aristide step down and the US offered a compromise position calling for power sharing despite the fact Aristide was duly elected by the Haitian people and the terrorists were not, was another obvious sign Bush favored regime change. The US stood idly by waiting for the rebels to do their dirty work for them since Aristide was adamant he would not step down prior to the end of his full term. They really wanted Aristide dead to prevent a return to power like what happened in 1994. At the last moment, early Sunday morning Aristide supposedly slipped quietly away under escort of US Marines having “resigned to prevent a bloodbath”.
    Reports are surfacing from French radio and on the Internet Aristide was kidnaped by the US Ambassador and US troops and flown off the island to facilitate regime change. Bush and Co give as the reason they supported the coup, the 2000 election controversy in which Aristide’s opposition cried foul after Aristide won by a landslide in what is generally described as a fair and open election but there were some discrepancies in the parliamentary elections. The US mass media have raised their Bizarro World newspeak to another level, using that bogus issue as their rationale for disparaging Aristide’s legitimacy as a leader. Talk about the kettle calling the pot black, boy George has no moral or political mandate whatsoever to interfere in a sovereign nations affairs because of an election controversy!!? What the media isn’t telling is the US has stymied all efforts by Aristide to raise his country out of poverty by blocking financial and humanitarian aid and undermining his policies by tightening the neo-colonialism noose. To demonstrate just how upside down things are, now that Aristide is out of the way, Bush is sending in US troops to “restore order” which is Orwellian doublespeak for “occupy the nation to make sure things go the way we planned.” Rest assured based upon the European hubris and psychopathology the murderers, thugs, death squad leaders who led the coup will be installed in key position to make sure self-determination and democracy don’t raise their heads in Haiti again. But what the pale faces don’t realize is the blood of Maroons flows in the Haitians’ veins and the legacy of Boukman sill lives and their quest for liberty will never die!