Brother AACOOLDRE : US Riot Commision 1967

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    The 1967 Report can be read as the 2014 report history recycles it self.

    Tom Wicker of the New York Times wrote this introduction remark:

    “The single overriding cause of rioting in the cities was not any one thing commonly adduced-unemployment, lack of education, poverty, exploitation-but that it was all of those things and more, expressed in the insidious and pervasive white sense of the inferiority of black men. Here is the essence of the charge: What white Americans have never fully understood-but what the Negro can never forget-is that white society is deeply implicated in the ghetto. White institutions created it, white institutions maintain it, and white society condones it”.

    One of the points I agree with this report was a call for Year –round Education for disadvantage students:

    “The present, anachronistic practice of releasing hundreds of thousands of children from a relatively full school schedule to idleness in the summer months is both a substantial factor in producing disorders and a tragic waste of time and facilities” p. 445

    The commission also states that TV failure to analyze riots. One psychiatrist they could have consulted was Dr. Frances Cress Welsing and her book The Isis Papers . Her book gives the cause and effect and solution to why white police officers kill unarmed black youth. Unfortunately The CIA/FBI is now backing an Arab terrorist organization as ISIS. The media the repeats this distortion to knock out an ancient religion that gave birth to Christianity and an explanation to White Supremacy. However, President Obama and secretary of defense haven’t taken the bait when they pronounce ISIS as ISIL or ISISOL. I’m hoping this will backfire and people will flood amazon ordering her book. They are also associating ISIS with child killings in the same manner the Romans did the ancient Phoenicians in 146BC and Jews in 70AD. The Phoenicians cremated their dead babies linking them with the Phoenix bird burning in ashes to rise/resurrect again. The Romans were envious of the Phoenicians commercial success and taught the Greeks/Romans how to read and write which enabled them to reproduce their warships because every part was labeled like a Christmas tree or a Book case. The Romans repeated their evil on the Jews by creating a Cannibal Mary eating her child by incorporating the Osiris story of his penis being eaten by a Nile fish which became the Eucharist. History/Mythology is being recycled to control the masses.
    The Riot report also had a half page section on the Black Muslims trying to imply that they were benefiting from black riots:

    A major factor intensifying the civil rights movement was widespread negro unemployment and poverty; an important force in awakening Negro protest was the meteoric rise to national prominence of the black Muslims, established around 1930. The organization reached the peak of its influence when more progress toward equal rights was being made than ever before in American history while at the same time economic opportunity for the poorest groups in the urban ghettos was stagnating.

    Increasing unemployment amoung negroes, combined with the revolution in expectations, created a climate in which the black Muslims thrived. They preached a vision of the doom of the white devils and the coming dominance of the black man, promised a utopian paradise of a separate territory within the USA for a negro state, and offered a practical program of building negro business through hard work, thrift, and racial unity. To those willing to submit to the rigid discipline of the movement, the black Muslims organization gave a sense of purpose and dignity”.
    The media gave the NOI or Black Muslims no credit for helping to keep the peace down in Fergusion, MO after the pigs killed big Mike Brown.