Black People Politics : US pResidential sElection vs. EU Army Discussion and Coverage

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    Sometimes distractions are obvious, other times, people just don't care or have their priorities vested into what they think or are told to be important.

    The question I have, which I wasn't sure how to present when I first read or heard of this potential development, is how do we compartmentalize what is important in our minds to consider as "life changing" or "life altering" within the realm of forward thinking?

    The old adage of "worry about things you can control" can be sometimes iffy, if the things we think we can control, are already controlled by others.

    International affairs are things I suppose have little to no effect on people in other nations, but is this in theory, practical, or essentially not accurately assessing the issues of global conglomeration(s)?

    There have been writings and mumblings about a gathering EU Army, and soon after the Brussels "attacks", it seems to have gained even more momentum as rumors and more reports are coming that it is soon to be established (even reports of it being undisclosed in full).

    Some would ask, "what's the EU army have to do with us?"

    This question goes back to "forward thinking". The same question could be said about some of the things in our own nation(s), depending on who and what controls them.

    EU Army Plans Allow German Soldiers To Take Control Of Borders Without Consent Of National Governments
    December 15, 2015

    A European Army is now one step closer to becoming a reality, just over 18 months since Britain’s former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg branded warnings that the EU was aiming for such expansionism a “dangerous fantasy”.

    Mr. Clegg, among others, have gone quiet with his usual derisory treatment of the EU army warnings in the last few months, as top EU policymakers have elaborated upon their ideas for a pan-European Border and Coast Guard.

    Now it looks like the plans are not just formalising, but going further than anyone thought possible, with documents outlining what an EU army would look like, including the ability to take control of national borders without the consent of the government of the nation in question.

    In theory, this would mean that EU army members could seize border controls, or lackthereof, from countries like the United Kingdom without the permission of the country’s leaders or elected representatives.

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    EU army to protect borders
    December 15, 2015

    The European Union’s first paramilitary force would have the power to take control of a nation’s borders without the consent of sovereign governments under plans to shore up defences against an influx of migrants.

    Proposals for a 2,500-strong border and coastguard corps could see armed German personnel sent to Greece or the Balkans, where memories of the Second World War are still raw, to seal frontiers and register refugees. The force, wearing blue armbands and an EU and agency insignia, would be equipped with naval patrol vessels, helicopters and drones, according to plans tabled yesterday by Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission president.

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    Does the EU want its own armed forces?

    Death of democracy? EU could deploy its own ARMY as migrant crisis deepens
    March, 22 2016

    BRUSSELS has been urged to deploy its own armed forces within the EU for the first ever time in a move which would sound the death knell for European democracy.

    European leaders are being asked to dispatch troops to Greece - the cradle of democracy - to combat the spiralling migrant crisis.

    If the plan is put into action it would be the first ever time that the EU has deployed its own forces, which typically carry out peace missions abroad, within the 28-nation bloc.

    But the move could be fiercely opposed by Greece, which would see it as the final nail in the coffin for its democratic government following years of financial suppression at the hands of its Brussels paymasters.

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    • Soon after the Brussels "attacks", Jean-Claude Juncker and others were back at it, proclaiming the need for such a military/defense collective.

    Italy calls for common European defence after Brussels attacks

    'We need a security union' EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker causes fury with Brussels comments
    March 23, 2016

    TOP Eurocrat Jean-Claude Juncker provoked anger last night by calling for a "European security union" in response to the terrorist threat.

    The European Commission President suggested that EU nations needed to integrate their security services to tackle the menace of Islamist attackers such as the fanatics behind the Brussels outrage.

    But Ukip last night rubbished his idea as "literally mad".

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    March 23, 2016

    French Prime Minister Manuel Valls and President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker held a joint press conference at the European Commission headquarters in Brussels, Wednesday, following the deadly bomb attacks that rocked the Belgian capital on Tuesday.

    • Using Closed Caption Translation, here is what Juncker said...

    Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission (French):

    "We feel we need capital markets union, energy union, economic and monetary union, but we also think we need a security union, we need everything that will allow us to achieve a security union. All those elements have been presented by the European Council, and I do hope that the Council of Ministers will adopt the commission proposals soon when it comes to protecting external borders. I hope it will adopt the directive on arms and will not give in to the pressure from lobby groups."

    This is the one calling for a build up and consolidation of military and defense in Europe...

    The President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, was b...h slapping EU leaders, calling Hungarian PM 'dictator' in front of the press at the EU-Eastern Partnership summit in Latvia.

    Many could say "who cares"?
    Wont get into breaking down the term and energy within it (care), but many should "think" about what the overall picture is within these elaborate puzzles.

    We could find ourselves being herded off into corners and areas (think tanks), and ignoring or not considering the other pieces that could fit where some are focusing on.

    This is one reason the motto or chant of "Stay Woke" is relative.
    Not talking to those that are sleep, this is speaking to those that might get caught in the distraction tactics... "Get your hands out of my pocket!"

    Remember those alerts the maim stream media would push out every other day to make you aware of how scared and worried you should be?

    Not exactly the same one, but it has context to it never the less
    • Should we be worried about a potential World War III
    • Should we be worried about a new sElected pResident
    • Should we be worried about an EU Army
    • Should we be worried about Ebola or new virus outbreaks

    Trade unions and agreements and countries


    Deepening the U.S.-Africa Trade Relationship
    July 26, 2015

    President Obama has prioritized promoting U.S. trade with and investment in Africa, building Africa’s trade capacity, and extending preferential access to the U.S. market for African products. U.S. non-petroleum imports from Africa increased by 46 percent and U.S. goods exports to Africa increased by 59 percent since 2009, evidence of growing trade ties between the United States and Africa.

    Doing Business in Africa while Building African Capacity to Trade

    The Doing Business in Africa (DBIA) Campaign is an unprecedented whole-of-government approach to strengthening the U.S. commercial relationship with Africa, a diverse region that offers substantial trade and investment opportunities across national and regional markets. Africa is home to nine of the twenty fastest-growing economies in the world, and provides substantial opportunities for U.S. companies.

    At the 2014 U.S.-Africa Business Forum (USABF) and U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, U.S. Government departments and agencies made$7 billion in commitmentson the continent, many of which are nearing completion. Following the success of the USABF, the President has announced he will attend the nextU.S.-Africa Business Forum in 2016,which will take place in the United States.

    The President’s Advisory Council on Doing Business in Africa (PAC-DBIA), announced at the USABF, was formed in November 2014. The Council is working closely with the U.S. Government to recommend ways the government can strengthen the U.S.-Africa trade and investment relationship.

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    Consideration and worry are not conjoined.
    We can consider the forward thinking possibilities of anything, but be not worried over any of them at the same time.

    Can personal and collective efforts change many of these forward thinking outcomes and possibilities?