Black People : US House of Representatives votes to slash $8.7 billion from food stamps

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    By Andre Damon
    30 January 2014

    The US House of Representatives voted Wednesday to slash the federal Supplemental
    Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, or food stamps) by $8.7 billion over ten years, cutting
    food benefits by an average of $90 per month for 850,000 of the country’s most vulnerable

    The vote, 251-166, came only two days after bipartisan negotiators released the bill Monday,
    and the vote passed after only one hour of debate on the House floor.

    The Senate is expected to take up the bill Thursday, and to approve it by Friday. White House
    press secretary Jay Carney told reporters Wednesday that when the bill reaches Obama’s
    desk, “he would sign it.” The assault on nutritional assistance comes one day after Obama’s
    State of the Union speech, which was billed as a major address on social inequality but in fact
    sets the framework for a deeper attack on the working class.
    The cuts are part of the so-called farm bill, a five-year omnibus measure that deals with
    programs administered by the United States Department of Agriculture.
    The measure had the full support of the House Democratic leadership, including Minority
    Leader Nancy Pelosi and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer. Democrat Collin Peterson told The Hill
    that Pelosi was key in the bill’s passage, saying, “She really worked the bill."

    "I think we got it about right," said, Peterson, the top Democrat on the House Agriculture
    Committee. “Of course it’s not perfect, if you want perfect, you’ll get that in heaven,” fellow
    Democrat Tim Walz, who voted for the bill, toldPolitico .

    The Republican-controlled House of Representatives had originally proposed a $39 billion cut to
    the food stamp program, while the Democrat-controlled Senate version called for a $4 billion
    reduction. Following the well-worn pattern in American politics, the more draconian Republican
    proposal served as the baseline for a “compromise” by the Democrats that imposes sweeping
    cuts to a vital social program and will spell destitution for hundreds of thousands.
    “It’s a disaster,” Dan Reyes, coordinator for the Delaware-based Coalition to End Hunger, told

    the World Socialist Web Site. “This will have a direct impact on people’s ability to feed
    themselves. We are cutting the budgets of people who need money to pay for food. You can’t
    look at it from any other angle. What it comes down to is that people are going to have less food
    to put on the table.”

    The bill comes on top of a previous cut in November, which slashed food assistance by $319
    per year for a typical family of three, totaling $11 billion through 2016.

    Reyes added that the cut to food stamp benefits implemented in November was greater than
    the operating budget of all the Feeding America member agencies, of which the Delaware Food
    Bank—which coordinates all local food banks in the state—is one. “Our yearly budget is $15
    million, but last year’s cuts slashed food assistance by $16 million,” he said.

    Most of the $8.7 billion in food stamp cuts will be implemented by eliminating what the deal’s
    supporters call, in Orwellian language, a “loophole,” by means of which families eligible for
    home heating aid received extra food assistance.
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    One day you will walk in a store and they won't accept foodstamps for the government will not have the ability to pay. Famine is going to befall America as America continues to war in the world that war will be brought here in the form of Great Depression, the greatest ever seen or witnessed on this continent.
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    As Salaam Alaikum!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I agree but it get's worse for the American economy will crash and be no more for it does not have the money to continue in it's War game.