Chief Elder Osiris : ( URGENT ) Daispora President In Barbados Urge Unity, Now.

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    ( URGENT ) Daispora President In Barbados Urge Unity, Now.

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters and Brothers:

    Beloved, many great women and men has sounded the call for the unity of the Black world, yet has not been as specific as should be.

    We now have the opportunity to look back at our most recent past and study the action of those our leaders in the intrest of so call Pan - Afrikanism, a term that has grown to mean many different things to many groups that now advocate Pan- Afrikanism, a term that should translate to mean the Unity of the Black World and whose captol must be Afrika.

    Beloved, it is my contention that any and all work in the name of Pan- Afrikanism must be in behalf of seeing to it that Afrika is back in the hand of Black Afrikans and that those Afrikan States are United without Boundaries, thus causing the Black World Of Afrika to become reunited once again.

    When dealing with the Diaspora Afrikans and the Unity of the Diaspora Black Afrikans, there is no greater issue that is designed to united all of Black Afrikans than the issue of Reparation, Repatriation, and Statehood for the Black Afrikans in the United States,in Afrika, with such a State in Afrika serving as a beacon to represent the Unity of the Black World.

    Beloved, it is Time out from attempting to deal with the problems of Black People basing it on our wants and not on our needs and to call for the Unity of the Diasporia and Afrika Black People, then such a call should be based on the Need of the Black World and not separate Nation States in Afrika and the Diaspora as well, such only serve as a recipe for the continued death of a Black Nation.

    There is none that be living today that desire more than I to see Afrika reunited with Black Divine Beings now referring to ourselves as Afrikans and for the unity of the Black World to take effect, then Black people every where must come to know whom we are and stop depending on those that have caused a divided Black world for help to repair what they have destroyed, such an effort is of a foolish people.

    The Universe has come around to the point in Time whereby the responsibility fall upon the Diaspora Black Beings to correct the errors that have served as an anchor that keep the Black Mind submerged in the Mind of those responsible for the destruction of the Black World civilization.

    There is no greater Land for the Black Minds of this world than that place we now refer to as Afrika and those of us that have been scattered to the four corners of this world and now might sit upon the governing seat of the State you now reside in, such a position does not take precedent over the Need of a United Black nation in the Land of our ancient Mothers and Fathers and such a position held by Black people in the Diaspora only heighten your responsibility to raise the conscious of the Black Minds toward our Mother Land, Afrika and educate the Diaspora Afrikans to the Need for Afrika to become in the hand of authority of the Black Afrikans in Afrika and those Black Afrikans in Afrika must become as One United Black Nation again, such be the responsibility of the Black World, with Reparation serving as the Ark of the Black Diaspora Salvation, which is to take place in the Home Land of our Enslaved Ancestors and anything less will serve as a mockery to all of our most Ancients First Way Black Ancestors.

    I agree, there must be an effort made by the Diaspora Afrikans as well as the Afrikans at Home in Afrika, to establish a Pan- Afrikan Relationship with the purpose being, for the Lost Children of Afrika to return with dignity and with a purpose of uniting the Land as well as the Black People of Afrika.

    Therefore we must have the knowledge that the Sacred weapon to be used to unite the Two Lands in Afrika and the scattered Children of the Middle Passage, must be with our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, such is the True Cause and Representative of Pan- Afrikanism.

    Therefore, as the Honorable Marcus Has Said, " A Race Without Power And Authority Is A Race Without Respect", and such a respect to the Black World will not come until the Two Lands in Afrika and the Black World is United in Afrika and all else that is claimed by Black Afrikans wherever we are and regardless of the position some of us may occupy, such is only temporary and is with condition that is to satisfy those that until this day, oppress the Black World, meaning that they still control the black World.

    Here Is Loving you

    Chief Elder
    First Way institute Of Afrikan Mysticism
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
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    > August 29, 2007
    > Interim Diaspora President in Barbados Urged Unity, Now.
    > Contact: Rev. P.D. Menelik Harris @ 404-527-7756/_
    > (
    > Part 1 -Excerpts on speech by His Excellency Dudley Thompson at the Barbados
    > Bicentennial Global Dialogue on the 25th Day of August 2007. The most
    > Honorable Thompson was recently elected President of the Diaspora at the Jamaica
    > Pan African Summit.
    > Let me explain what that word stands for and its relevance. Pan Africanism
    > is a socio-political movement, Afrocentric in nature, firmly opposed to racism
    > and endeavoring to ensure Black empowerment, politically, socially,
    > economically, technologically, and otherwise to accomplish our destiny as a people
    > the Black Renaissance which will achieve the establishment of a new global
    > order based on justice and equality for all.
    > Pan Africanism is the modern name of a Black universal movement, added to
    > the political dictionary by a Black Trinidadian lawyer named Sylvester Williams
    > in 1900 when he led a delegation of some 30 African, Caribbean and African
    > Americans to the Archbishop of Canterbury in London to advocate greater respect
    > for Black people all over the Diaspora and Africa. The two elements notable
    > were the request for the right to be treated with equal dignity and secondly
    > it was on behalf of all Black people over the world. This meeting suppliant
    > in nature was attended by such leaders as Dr. WEB Dubois, Benito Sylvain of
    > Ethiopia, Bishop Johnson of Nigeria and others.
    > The subsequent congresses were led by WEB Dubois was highlighted by the
    > important Pan African Congress of 1945. The 5th Pan African Conference in
    > Manchester, England marked the high water of the movement. It differed from the
    > previous ones in that it had much greater attendance and composed of activists,
    > intellectuals, trade unionists, students, workers, etc. Secondly, it was
    > militant in tone and directly attacked the colonial system. Thirdly, it no longer
    > included white sympathizers who usually attended. From now on the Africans
    > were determined to take matters into their own hands. Finally and most
    > importantly, it issued a single message, a united call for independence from
    > colonial status. It is to be noted that of the hundreds that attended, only three
    > countries were independent, Ethiopia, Haiti and Liberia.
    > I was present at that 5th Pan African Conference in 1945. I saw Kwame
    > Nkrumah rise from his seat two chairs away from me and delivered a heart stirring
    > speech that electrified the audience “Go back to your colonies and fight for
    > political independence by all means at your disposal.†His voice rang out “
    > seek ye the political kingdom and all things will follow.†The entire meeting
    > was galvanized in silence, I was there. I saw those leaders leave that meeting
    > silently, thoughtful men, I saw Ken Hill from Jamaica, Grantley Adams form
    > Barbados, Jomo Kenyatta from Kenya, leave for their own respective countries
    > with determination in their hearts and minds. Within two score years of that
    > meeting over fifty countries got their independence. Leaders like Solanke and
    > Nnamdi of Nigeria, and first of all Kwame Nkrumah succeeded in their struggle
    > for independence. Little did I dream as a I saw Jomo Kenyatta walk our of
    > that meeting nor could I know that in little over 10 years I would be his
    > lawyer defending him with others in a court of law at Kapenguria charged with
    > leading the Mau Mau, an insurrection which eventually brought forth Kenya’s
    > independence.
    > Pan Africanism is a movement which had started like a flame for freedom in
    > the hearts and minds of our ancestors when they were cruelly wrenched from the
    > heart of Africa, their homes and their families, they could not be put out
    > by the bloody waters of the Atlantic as they were horribly chained and packed
    > like goods in those ferries o f infamy that made them slaves fro planters who
    > worked them mercilessly under the lash. Men, women and children were
    > scattered throughout the Diaspora. Barbados sugar planters grew rich of their
    > labour and blood. The cotton fields of America, the coffee plantations and mines of
    > Brazil and South America made the white slavers wealthy while our ancestors
    > remained in poverty for generations our ancestors built the rich cities and
    > universities of Europe and America our women and children and men chopped
    > sugar cane and reaped tobacco in the sun until darkness fell upon them. They
    > got not a cent for their labour, this went on for years, but in their song and
    > suffering that spark for freedom that God put within them refused to go out…
    > There are millions of us in the Caribbean, millions more live in North
    > America, and Canada, Millions in Brazil and other parts of Central and South
    > America and other parts of the Diaspora. Today, the Government of Barbados has
    > given everyone here today a great opportunity to send a message to these
    > brothers and sisters in the Diaspora. Barbados gives you the opportunity to use
    > this platform to ensure that they force that invincible chain of millions to
    > give that strength of unity which would enable us as a most powerful family in
    > world affairs to solve our own affairs to solve our own challenges. Each of
    > you here and beyond must drop our habit of dependence. This is a time of many
    > dangers. Among them is the growing spectre of globalization designed to
    > maintain the status quo, leaving us at the bottom of the totem pole.
    > Are you training our youth to assume their responsibilities, to keep the
    > flame alive by creating a conscious of solidarity? Where is the voice of Pan
    > Africanism today? Are they responding to the fire of freedom in the strident
    > call for unity from that great Pan Africanist as he brought his country into
    > independence in March 1957 stating that “The independence of Ghana if it is
    > meaningless not linked with the freedom of a united Africa. â€Has the blood of
    > our ancestors turned to water in our veins. The truth is that our scattered
    > millions consist of several small groups promoting incongruous ideas seemingly
    > determined to remain victims of division and necrophobia. One hundred years
    > ago, Marcus Garvey called upon us to unite under mother Africa. It is your
    > individual duty to fan the flames within you.
    > For your children’s sake organize in the Diaspora wherever you are, in
    > clubs, associations in Churches, lodges and any other association which will make
    > this Diaspora strong enough to support a single government of Africa. It is
    > our only hope. Ask yourself today, each one of you what can you do to raise
    > the awareness of our race? How can I organize and build the solidarity of our
    > people? How can I make this world a better place for my children and their
    > children and their children to come? It is not sufficient to give ovations at
    > meetings, we need immediate commitments and actions now. The Durban
    > conference succeeded in placing reparations on the main agenda. It is no longer a
    > footnote for history. That conference further produced a plan of action. It
    > appealed to us to mobilize and unite.
    > I am approaching the ninety first year of my life. As a veteran Pan
    > Africanist, I implore you in the last years of my life to unite the Diaspora and make
    > yourself worthy of becoming the sixth region, a province of the African
    > Union. I long for the day when I shall obtain my united African passport. I long
    > for the day when we shall have our own African international news service. I
    > long for the day when our women will be treated as equals in all respects and
    > full dignity. I long for the day when our Black mothers all over the world
    > will smile upon the Black babies in their arms, happy confident that they will
    > never again grow up in the shadows of injustice and inequality. May God Bless
    > you all!
    > (The next meeting of the World African Diaspora Union (WADU) is October 27,
    > 2007. To participate and support, please contact Mama Anna Swanston at
    > 404-527-7756 in Atlanta, GA).
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    Beloved MWkg Honorable Chief Elder Osiris:
    :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

    I humble :qqb023: myself in the Presence of Truth and Reality in you.
    I hear the Divine Voice that speaks through you. I hear your Voice Crying out from the Wilderness.

    Lets Go Home People. Lets Go Home, where we belong, where once again we will be the ones to establish, that which we had once before, and that is:




    Who is it among us do not desire to strive for Harmony, Order, and Balance, Truth and Reality (Same)?