Black Poetry : Urban Insanity (After Brother Saul Williams)

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    This poem is dedicated to those of us caught up in the madness of this world, and who still manage to survive, love & protect our friends & family, & continue to push forward in the struggle.

    Everyday all I see
    Is the hurt in front of me
    All the pain & dark days
    & I am hoping for a better day
    Lord help me
    Through these days of Urban Insanity
    Urban Insanity
    Dear God, help me
    Through these days of Urban Insanity..."

    I walk through black blown out allies
    Where silver pigeons dance on red sunrays
    Purple clouds sweep across the orange skies
    Watching the Moon rise and as the Sun revolves
    East of the Earth
    Sinking into my eyes
    I blink twice
    As the sun burns gold in the heavens once more
    Powder blue space like the pale blue eyes
    Of the white woman I encountered at the crosswalk Downtown
    The clouds stood still
    The wind ceased to whisper
    For one second as our eyes connected
    In their blank irises reflected
    Images of Black women lynched from Yaki weaves
    Colored contacts burning acid in their eyes
    Distorted memories of Venus
    Dissected and displayed in a museum in France
    I saw the mist of superiority complexes
    Brothers chained to the base of the statue of Liberty
    Swinging blindly from the scales of Justice
    There just is no peace
    But the peace I find when I stopped dredding my thoughts
    Past the concepts in which I have been locked
    Struggling to unlock the follicles of the fallacies
    The world is rooted in
    Mangled in matters of materialism and misguided motives
    Babylon has got a hold on the peoples mind
    So I try to unwind the mysteries of iniquity
    Only to find the whole world bows at the feet of this monstrosity
    So I scream to the four corners of the Universe
    As the angels repeat Revelations in my ear
    But John already ate the book
    And all I have left is the bitterness
    No honey to chase down the churning in my stomach
    Spiraling down staircase of soul
    Basement funk
    Where brothers spit cellblock tales
    Over clouds of cannabis smoke
    And 40 bottles
    The soundtrack of the streets
    Be Timberland vibrations over cracked concrete
    Glass breaking against pavement
    The cries of babies unborn
    The sobs of the mother tracing the silhouette of her child
    On the sidewalk with her tears
    The flick-flick-flickering of streetlights to the pop, pop, pop
    Of hot gunshots that never stop
    Never stop
    Like fist pounds of a brother lost in the fucc-it zones
    After his baby momma done refused him visitation for the third time
    Despaired after a year and a half of court dates
    Subpoenas and motions
    Bullshitting lawyers, unsympathetic judges
    Memories of love, lust, and lies
    Now bound to a Jezebel because of familial ties
    And she cries
    She cries
    She cries
    Water streaming down into gutters clogged with syringes
    Used condoms swimming in piss and trash
    While Daddy in a drunken rage
    Beats Momma turning tricks to treat
    So the babies on the couch out front
    Can fill their hungry bellies
    Sitting before the television
    Stems feed into cerebral lobes
    Of one million souls
    Flash dance images of
    Police brutality
    Abandoned babies
    Another Dead Black
    Another Media Attack
    Another Fallen Star
    Another Terrorist Alarm
    Another commercial break
    Another advertisement
    Another Reality TV show
    As if the **** ain’t happening outside my front door
    Another, another, another
    Glitch in the gotdamned Matrix
    And I can’t take it
    Can’t take it
    No gotdamned more
    Am I the only one
    Slitting open my wrists
    And scripting these tales on dirty walls
    Sitting here rocking
    Singing insomnia
    Blood shot eyed
    Muse addicted
    Black Ink scripted afflictions
    Shivering and spitting gibberish
    I write this ****
    Cuz I need this ****
    I bleed this ****
    Cuz I live this ****
    And I can’t escape
    Can’t escape
    From the ciphers of Urban Insanity….insanity……insanity….insanity
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    :bowdown: all I can say...
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    What a great piece.
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    Poet All Day, Everyday
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    Thanks so much for the compliments