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Feb 26, 2008
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Just wanted to mention that there is no need to spend a lot of money on seeds from suppliers who advertise non GMO seeds. GMO for now is in the arena of commercially grown grains and soy, and some oil seeds. You can fight the GMO battle with how you spend your money at the grocery store. You should support organic, open pollinated (so you can save your own seeds), and some heirloom varieties.

They aren't more expensive than non-GMO seeds. And I like the extra assurance


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Nov 15, 2009
What I meant was that genetically modified seeds for growing a vegetable garden aren't widely available as of yet. Some new hybrid varieties of zucchini and summer squash are. Most GMO crops are corn, soy, and oil seeds for big Agra. I do believe Monsanto purchased a seed company by the name of Seminis. Purchasing those seeds though not genetically modified yet, would still be supporting Monsanto. Burpee I believe purchases some seeds from Seminis. Other seed companies do as well. So, ask before you buy. Once you have a reliable source, buy open pollinated so you can harvest and save the seeds. And remember, know what you are buying in the store. A lot of items have genetically modified corn and soy in them, the animals were fed a genetically modified corn and soy diet. Make a stand with your dollars and look for certified organic when buying your seeds.

Here are a few companies to purchase from. These aren't the only suppliers, look for local sources. Non GMO seeds are still widely available. Do be mindful if shopping for seeds at a big box store.

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