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    In The Name Of Allah,
    Lord of All Thee Worlds…


    In accordance to the obligation and responsibility of that person, of that said ability, I create and manifest the following degree of absolute truth and need. Upgrade meaning none more than, the act or process of raising to a higher grade, degree or standard ( Second College Ed.( The American Heritage Dictionary)). Before I manifest another thought, desire or understanding, allow me to share a few supporting expressions of truth;
    1. a. The one thing that is guarantee and constant is CHANGE!
    2. b. The babies will come with a greater understanding…
    3. c. Today, if you are doing that which you were doing ten years ago, then you have wasted 10 years of your life…
    With that being made manifest, allow me to continue to build on the fore mentioned issue, and suggestion at hand( Upgrade!!! ). Along with the above mention expressions of truth, and the several decades of my having knowledge of self, I find all the reason, and eligibility to make manifest such a suggestion and truth. Be you know it or not, be you agree or disagree, the fact of the matter is Now Is the Time! Time to make manifest that CHANGE!!! After doing something over and over again, over a reasonable amount of time, such can and may become comfortable, the norm and habiting. The major contributing factor to my creating this degree, is because over the several decades, I have built, taught, experience in numerous way, and come to conclude that change is inevitable, required and absolute. I have done the knowledge for many a year, several decades, to how we build, teach, understand and learn, and it’s evident, and detectable to the naked eye, as well the s-e-e senses, that we not only need to do the knowledge to what and how we do, what we do, but as well we need to UPGRADE!!! Time is at hand, and UPGRADE is in greatly DEMAND!!! There is a time for every thing, as well every thing has it’s time. What was good for those before us, doesn’t necessarily make such good today, for us. Please, do not get me wrong, for like our Beloved brother Jesus, I am not here to take away, do away or forget the concepts, foundations or premises in which our way of life was made manifest. Rather I am here to fulfill, propagate, promote and support such. Where we are today, as well where we are not, where we could be, and would be is so because of our lack of and need to UPGRADE!!! Traditional teaching can lead to traditional practices, as well traditional understanding. So many of us have become so comfortable, so complacent, that we cee not as well not see, what is actually transpiring right before our very own eyes. Over 40 years , more closer to 50 than 40 years, later the Father and those before us have come and gone, and we still are doing what they did, and not doing what they did not. When the Father Allah himself made manifest that “The babies would come with a greater understanding…” it’s incumbent upon any and all to know and understand what such an statement entail. It’s important also to know when such a statement was made manifest, which was the late sixties. Keeping both important issues in thought as well mind, we understand that there will be things they did, as well did not, that we would do not, as well do. And they in those understandings is none other than he( Father Allah ) who made such a statement as well those of that present day and time, as the we is none other than the babies then( us! ) as well those to come( those birth after such a statement was made as well yet to come… ) Understand, our Nation today, which we hold fast and greatly too, which was in and about the year 1964( 15,050 asiattic calendar ), there were/are things founded and established. Not to subtract from those things, but we must keep forever in thought and constantly in mind, that we are Allah in this day and time. And what we decide is just, true, right and exact. Understand, who and what we truly are! Understand, what we, the true and living, chosen and few, the God and Earth was given by the Father Allah, then next answer the inquiry, “Why?” We have been blessed and bestowed with some of the greatest tools and weapons of all times – Supreme Mathematics & Supreme Alphabets. In and with application of such, there is so much we can and will do – Upgrade!!! So much we have done, do, say, sport, etc… is predicated on the next persons creditability, interpretation or recollections, yet understand not some very important factors( i.e. time, who, where, what, etc… ). Do the knowledge to what the Father Allah actually did; He took something already made manifest( i.e. information, lessons, etc… ) and added Supreme. Deleting Supreme from the equation leaves us where we were and been. Just as lacking and failing to continue to build Supreme, will leave us as is, or less. What the Father did, is what we should and MUST do, which in many a way is just another way of Upgrading! The knowledge is not nothing knew, rather brought to a greater or better level. Such is nothing mystical, difficult or impossible, rather the Real Deal! The Father Allah upgraded with the application and addition of Supreme, why don’t or do we have such a problem with Upgrading. It’s not the word, but rather the act or process of doing such that such a raising , changing or upliftment is made manifest. All these factors are very important to know as well understand. It’s greatly important to cee as well see the need for change, Upgrade!!! Upgrade, means not to erase, cancel or do away with, rather to acknowledge, decide, and make greater, better, etc… The Father Allah is no great than us, as a matter of fact we suppose and are greater than the Father, but of course that is based upon the choices we make as well make not. Also It’s also important that we all know and understand that times have change, are changing and will change. Nothing last forever, especially not in the world of carnal and matter. Sure there are things that are swift and changeable, as well things forever remain able. The Father Allah, as well those before us have taken the ordinary, the average, typical etc…, and transformed such into, and with Supreme, just another form of upgrading. So why is it that we have a problem duplicating, or doing the same, plus? Well, the way you will be able to distinguish between the two is doing the knowledge to what is?, what was?, what’s not? As well what could be? Lost not sight, C-E-E( The ability to perceive things and persons for what they truly are, be, not what they may appear or seem to be… ), our purpose and why such is bestowed upon us to do such. We, the 5% Nation on this Poor part of the Planet Earth, are the 5% Nation not by choice but rather by reality. In the final analyzes we are and will always be the few, not the many! Our duty, our MUST!, hasn’t and will not change – i.e. Teach the truth, destroy the falsehood, civilize the uncivilized, etc… Now, how we do so will vary, and may change, which is understandable but still remain able. The bases of my manifesting this degree is to stress upon any and all the importance and need for upgrading immediately! The sooner, the better for us as a Nation as well as an individual. For as long as we continue to do the same, then we can only expect but the same… “If you do what you always did, you will always get what you have always got.” So much has changed, will change, and is changing, even as I manifest this degree of knowledge. Do the knowledge!… Look!, Listen!, Observe!, now respect! For after doing so, you tell me what you are doing? For how long? And for how long before you realize that change is in necessary and inevitable. We, the Nation of God and Earth, have a task before us, a mission to accomplish and when, as well how depends upon us. We can continue to do what we have been doing, how we been doing such, or we can Upgrade!!! The opposite of “up” is “down”, and to not upgrade, will put you in a downward position or direction. To go down, or even remain at a level which we have been at for several decades, is more supporting reason why we are long over due for some Upgrading. So let’s do understanding thing, and then I must conclude this build, only to begin another. Knowledge(1), Do The Knowledge, and do it now! Wisdom(2), Decide to apply… And last but least, Understanding(3), UPGRADE!!!

    Please Educate Allah’s Children Everywhere!!!( Peace! )

    Created; Application Latik Seymou Allah( 15, 095 )