Chief Elder Osiris : Up Rising In Iran?

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    The Momentary Unnatural Up Rising Of A Fraction Of The Iranian People

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Anybody in their Divine Mind knows that the temporary up rising of a fraction of the Iranian people was done, not by natural cause of resentment of the Iranian people, but by a concerted instigated effort by various western intelligent agencies with influence over the young Iranians minds to incite them to action in street demonstration.

    All done in an attempt to project to the world a false impression, made to look like a spontaneous act of rebellion by Iranians, over the out come of an Iranian type of a Islamic Democratic election, when in fact we know that Iran Government is Islamic Autocratic.

    The action you have just observed in Iran by a fraction of the influenced Iranian youthful people, set the stage for a military intervention against Iran, which will be under the pretense of attempting to knock out the Iranians Nucleus capability in that region of the world.

    If you believe as Americans do, that America and Britain did not play a part in influencing and instigating that momentary rebellion in Iran, then you are no more than a neophyte in Global politics, and America politics to be more precise.

    Now, I do not concern myself with the reason and purpose of the events that happens in the outer world, and what goes on in the geopolitics of world states government, such events of happening does not benefit the state of condition of Afrika and Black Afrikan People, and there is where my primary concern rest, beloved.

    Whether Iran maintain its Islamic Rule of power or not it will not benefit the Black Afrikan people, the same go for all of the western generated problems that goes on in the middle East, North Korea, afghanistan, Iraq, and in general, throughout the world.

    Because you see, the same viper that is causing all of the unrest and instability in the world regions government, is the very same viper that has caused the Fall Of The Black Afrikan Civilization, and most have been participants in the down fall of the Black Nation, as well as the present description of Afrika today.

    So in this evil World, now dominated by the Western and Israeli powers, I hold to be Divine True, that Omission of acting against evil, is just as corrupt and devastating than the commission of evil, which make the World guilty as participants in causing and maintaining the wretched condition of the lives of Black People in Afrika, thus in the World.

    So Iran, just as all other World governments, they are not Black Folks friend and what they do does not serve to our benefit, nor is there an expression of desire and willingness by them to assist Black Folks in our effort to heal the ills of the Black Afrikan Nation, they all are contributors to the present condition of Afrika and to the Fall Of The Black Afrikan Nation.

    You see, when you indicate that a Nation has been made to fall by outside forces, the indication is, that Nation once stood High, so when dealing with the Fall Of The Black Nation, you are dealing with Black people once living in a Divine state of Thought and was brought down to be lowly religious believers, beloved.

    So yes, what is happening in the world of Iran, it has no benefit to the present condition of the Black Afrikan Nation, a nation now been made to be divided, with most of the present world governments with economic strength, having played a part in causing the division of the Black Afrikan Nation today.

    President Obama is playing his political hand just as have been planned to do, as America participate in the old trick of throwing the Rock and Hiding the Hand that throw the Rock of incited divisiveness.

    In this case, the rock was thrown in the public domain of the Iranian youthful people, and is it not a fact that America President has a way of influencing the Youthful Minds in the World?

    Beloved, here is the problem that plague the Mind of Black Afrikan People, which is that we are gullible believers and not nutritional Thinkers that choose to Know that which you have profoundly reasoned to be the fact of the matter, that which has your attention, and not to believe what only your eyes are looking at, which take no thought of the matter under investigation and / or observation, beloved.

    So, not until Black Afrikan people learn to become sophisticated politically and Theologically, we will not be able to know the height from which we have fallen, and trust me, it has been a helluva fall from a very high mental and physical position in our mind and in the world.

    We once held the position that displayed our ability to Divinely Think, and not to believe what you have not thoughtfully Divinely Reasoned to be the Divine Truth And Reality, concerning The Matter that is demanding your attention.

    America and the President Of The United States, Require your Divine Mind attention, and not your religious mind distraction, that is if we Black Afrikans are serious about fighting for our Liberation from all of the World Vipers that is out to forever silence the Divine Thinking Mind of the Black Afrikan People, the True Black Nationalist Black Power advocates of today.

    You See Beloved, You Are All Mind, So The Quality Of That Mind Is What Determine Your Life Living Fate, Not The Religious God You Have Been Conditioned To Believe In, It Is Your Mind That Come With The Gift Of Life, How You Use It, Will Determine Your Life Fate..

    Your Quality Of Mind Is What Will Determine To Be The Factor Of The Quality Of Your Understanding, Concerning That Which Is Happening In Iran, And What Is The Cause And Effect That Come From Such An Action That Took Place In Iran, And Is Happening In other Parts Of The World.

    Afrika Included, There Is no Quality Of Mind That Incite Black Afrikan People To Fight To Cause Our Liberation Away From This Evil World, And To Enjoy Such A Liberation To Take Place Back Into A Divine Black World, As It Was Before Our Fall, Beloved.

    Reparation Represent Our Liberation, Beloved.

    Again Beloved, I Am Not Sharing All That You Need to Know About, Concerning What You Need To Do, In Order To Be Able To return To The Throne Of Your Divinity, Which Is your Divine Mind Thoughts, And From Such Thoughts, There Will Come The Action Needed To Bring About Our Liberation, Beloved.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    I am seeing that my thoughts about his presidency is true i just saw the first commerical againt iran that was backed by the obama administration . Hard times are just starting with no where to run for cover.
    with all these mentions of future dealings with mexico and canada the new players are postioning themselves for the one world order that is no longer interested in hiding behind the curtain. hetep
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    Becoming Universal
    I understand that Cointelpro type activity obfuscates reality, and if we are unitiated in the ways of subterfuge, and clandestine behavior, then even the seemingly impossible becomes highly is probable.

    With the likes of CNN and hacks such as Wolf "DUH" Blitzer delivering psuedo journalism is it any wonder that assertions by the Iranians that the CIA murdered the young Iranian (Neda), or that this government may have its hands elbow deep in the instigations that are moving these 'protesters', is ignored?

    I am already appalled that in the land of democracy the very same election questions that arose in Amerikkka eight years ago, manipulation and outright cheating, was ignored by this same media.
    The cries then were an effort to 'stop' investigations. Yet, Few if any here in the cradle of democracy expressed their dissatisfaction by marching and protesting. Think about it, John McCain had disdain for protestors in this country during his youth, he and those the ilk of Lindsay Graham, saw then and see now no legitimacy in the arguments of those long ago protestors. Yet, history evolved on the side of those who opposed that war, Obama our President is in a quandry, reportedly those likely to live at poverty levels, the poor support the Iranian president, what is sthe agenda of those standing against that voting block? If Ahmahdhinijad has grassroots support, then who are the marchers?
    the election of 2000 lent us legitimate cause to "take the streets", yet it appears we sensed the danger of such behavior in the face of the lethal threat an unbridled US administration presented (to citizens) then; and now.

    I was also reminded that the vocal expressions of solidarity with the young woman who lost her life, are voiceless when the death takes place in Gaza, or on the West Bank, when Israelis are the perpetrators of said violence. Even here in the 'cradle' of so-called-civ, the death of a young sister in Houston, while incarcerated, the shooting of a brother who turned out to be law enforcement in NYC, the state of NY being forced to pay an inmate for treatment he was subjected to while incarcerated, all show true disdain for human suffering, unless you wear the 'proper uniform' or share what appears to be racist sentiments.

    With marchers in the streets of Iran being supported by the like of Lindsay Graham, and John McCain, I have to ask myself who is Obama laying down with?
    Things took a tragic turn a few days ago, and I want to see sunlight on the horizon so, having said all of the above in some of his efforts I am in lockstep with the president and wish him the best. Because I am an imperfect creature at best, I hope that this young man can 'see' cleary that which I concede for the moment I cannot see!
    It has been suggested, that if the RWS have anything to do with it, the outcome will be negative for brothers and sisters!

    R.I.P. MJJ