Black Poetry : Up on it

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    Up on it

    Pay bold rent
    to the whole extent
    because I fold my tent
    Moved into an apartment
    price of food is rude it went
    Up, now attractive to art
    and take an active part
    in HIHOP wirite verbs
    for grammar and type words
    go out riding my bike curves
    and slip a lot on muddy streets
    while listening to cruddy beats
    from Ghetto Blasters, forbidden quotes
    are sometime scribbled in written notes
    some will cause damage, flow explicit
    prohibit the dumb nobody can twist it
    By applying social pressure
    that’s the local treasure
    of rap write feeble schemes
    fight critics with legal means
    such as rhyme maps Graduate from college
    trashcan, slamdunk and agitate garbage
    separate it from the good
    keep the dumb out the hood
    eel me? keep my thumbs Up, march alert
    to a soft beat shower and wash the dirt
    off my feet its difficult to rhyme
    duck and be of one mind
    got corrupt tons of lines
    I don’t even use, leaving crews spread on buns
    like hot dogs, my rap scheme spree
    be tremendous to an extreme degree
    but when it loose heat I cruise the street
    on cold dubs then split crews and delete
    beast policy increase my quality In a sincere debate
    wise and dope with size na scope cats deteriorate,
    stress for rhymes appear onstage hair a certain way
    looking for a fine girl mini-skirting today and flirting to stay
    a night with them,