Black People : Up In Smoke!!!!

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    To all my brothers and sisters the deception of or common enemy is legendary. I am referring to smoking cigarettes. I have been addicted for a number of years now, with the grace of GOD I am working on quitting for life. Here are some reasons why I am quitting.

    1) I know it is destroying me; I challenge anyone who smokes to notice how much energy you have, and how alive you feel when you do not have a cigarette. It takes a lot out of you; I noticed my state of mind depression and fatigue like a horrible roller coaster ride that I can’t get off of.

    2) I am trying hard to serve GOD in everything I do, I know that my body is a temple and why do I want to continue to defile his temple?

    3) Our people have been delivered from physical slavery for 137 years and tobacco was one of the main crops that our common enemy prospered off of on our ancestors’ backs. Why are we continuing to destroy ourselves while He continue to prosper?

    4) I have been smoking a pack a day for over 13 years, this is around $1400.00 per year times 13 = $18,200 spent on poison. Can you imagine if that money was saved the things, I could do with that money, I need it bad now, how about you?

    5) Bamboozled and hoodwink. I remember growing up, this is how slick he is; we had very few positive brothers on T.V. So when Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Humphrey Bogart, Sammy Davis, and many others smoke I thought how cool. We don’t realize how we long to be accepted by him, even at the cost of destroying ourselves. Cigarette companies use to provide the military a carton as part of their rations, how many brothers went to the military not smoking and returned passing this very addictive drug habit to the next generation without realizing it.
    Sisters let’s not forget the white women wanted to be equal unfortunately many sisters have gotten caught up in this woman thang. They have cigarettes that cater to you there is an ad that says “ You’ve come a long way baby” Yea right!

    6) I haven’t found anything effective yet so I’m quitting cold. If the Government, really had interest in people lives then they would use the so-called settlement money and provide kits gum patches what ever, for people who want to quit. I ‘m sure that they have something that can help you quit over night. Guess what the hospitals are making money the states are making money from the interest; it is a revolving door.

    7) Think how evil and irritable you become when you can’t have a cigeratte. Think about how we react when we don’t have a cigerrette, smoking butts out of ashtrays, begging, buying loose cigarettes, and rolling them, taking an extra one out of a friends pack without them knowing. Is this not classic behavior of a drug addict, like a junkie looking for a fix? We have the nerve to belittle other people who are addicted to other substances. The difference is that some are “legal and others are illegal”. They choose what is legal or illegal. Like Malcolm said the liquor we drink the cigarettes we smoke has the government seal of approval.

    8) If you are married and you both smoke think about the senseless arguments over cigarettes, I have done it and have seen my Grandparents do this many times. Also at $1400.00 a year that is $2,800.00 a year, and we wonder why we are behind in our bills. It goes up in smoke.

    9) I wonder if the tobacco companies of today were around during slavery. I bet they were. This is internal reparations if this is the case. If we don’t quit we are dishonoring our ancestors.

    God knows I love you, all my people we drink from the same cup of deception, injustice and uncertainty. I challenge you today for those of you who smoke to quit. Tuesday, November 5, 2002 we made one choice today lets make another. We can use this tool to encourage each other, let’s count the days together and let’s count the money that we save collectively. Starting today. If you can’t quit right now don’t worry you should still post and we can encourage each other.

    It is mighty funny that our common enemy can’t stand us but guess what he loves our money! We have to stop fooling ourselves, he is still trying to destroy us and we are letting him. We need to stop being so blind, I ask for your prayers and I will pray for you, for us. To break this very addictive, dangerous, deceptive, family destroying, life destroying, addiction
    Let’s send a clear and resounding message to Ourselves, Our families, Our Community that we can do this together. Please just do it, don’t tell any friends our family members yet, for some strange reason we like to see each other fail. Trust me if you tell everyone you are going to quit, if you slip up one time in front of them they condemmn you. Don’t tell anyone until you are sure that you are strong enough to withstand the temptation even when someone else smokes around you. Let’s do a sort of roll call type thing to encourage each other counting the minutes, hours, days, weeks and months, and money together.
    Ex. Carl Hurd: cigaretteless day one. You can email me at [email protected] or we can post on the boards.

    Rev 12:9 “ that old serpent, called the devil and Satan which deceived the whole world…

    “There are two things that speaks louder than words, money and action , how loud are you?”

    Carl W. Hurd

    "The thing is that we all heard the phrase "Knowledge is power" actually it is the use of KNOWLEDGE that gives us great power"
    Carl W. Hurd

    Are you getting your fair share?
    You Compare!


    I hope that this site will start you off with a road map of where you want your money to go.
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    yes indeed dis math speaks loud and surely
    da health of our beings is what we should
    look at and to do right by GOD forth dis sin should
    not come to play if we to be right by him ! yes i agree wit ya 110%