Black People : Untreatable gonorrhoea spreading around world: WHO

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    LONDON (Reuters) - Drug-resistant strains of gonorrhoea have spread to countries across the world, the United Nations health agency said on Wednesday, and millions of patients may run out of treatment options unless doctors catch and treat cases earlier.
    Scientists reported last year finding a "superbug" strain of gonorrhoea in Japan in 2008 that was resistant to all recommended antibiotics and warned then that it could transform a once easily treatable infections into a global health threat.
    The World Health Organisation (WHO) said those fears are now reality with many more c
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    Texas...for now.
    More, like...'when'.
    ...just like very other sexually transmitted infection.

    I would encourage all to practice safe sex.

    Unless you are in a monogamous relationship with an STI-free indiviual?
    1. Test you partners BEFORE engaging sexual relationship.
    2. Encourage condom usage. No ifs, ands or buts.
    This is especially important for women...and this is why sti prevention is largely directed towards women: We've the most to lose.
    It's a risk to our fertility...our lives...and some sti's increase the risk for various other disorders, like cancer.


    Don't be so trusting. I can speak at length about this issue. My second relationship, my boyfriend had herpes and did not tell me. I did not think to ask.
    I didn't have much exp with adult relationships and I was very naive about things.
    Also, I was just used to the trust shared in my first relationship. He actually went and got tested and showed me the paperwork. For my 'own peace of mine', he said.

    I never got the guy in the second relationship tested and, of course, I was without infection. We'd been seeing each other for a time and I didn't think twice about foregoing the condom usage.
    He's ok.
    He didn't actually tell me that he had anything until he had a flare-up.
    Ironically, he caught herpes from HIS ex-girlfriend who, in turn, caught it from her boyfriend.
    ...and she didn't tell him, either! Until it was too late....

    See , how a virus is transmitted? See, how it just goes around and around -- person to person?

    No, I don't have herpes. I learned a serious lesson.
    If I can't test you? I won't sex you.


    ...and women need to really become more adament about these things.
    Young women - young girl - are impressionable. With women, love and logic usually aren't housed in the same place. This, right the problem. This attitude is problematic for some cultures...moreso than others, actually.
    I mean, this is why some or many women...'fake' it. They're concentrated on pleasing him than on themselves. Y
    oung females have to get it into their heads that they are there and in on the act, too.

    ...because men usually beg to take the condom off and, eventually, kick up a fuss if they have to continue to wear one.
    After weeks/months of protected sex and togetherness, a great number of them will just up and make a unilateral decision that it's ok for them to not wear one. Men go in 'king of the castle' mode, where they just start making all kinds of 'command decisions'... entirely by themselves. *laugh*
    "It's about that time. We've reached that point. We're gonna stop wearing condoms. It's fine...yeah- she's fine with this. "
    *laugh* They'll just show up with a bare penis. If you don't s--t?
    They sure as heck won't say s---t! *laugh*

    Yes, I'm painting with a very broad strokes, here.
    Yet, I've spoken with enough women to know... that it ain't just me and my perception!

    I went through the same with my fiance, believe it or not. STI's weren't an issue. The potential for an 'oops baby' was. *laugh*
    ...and with men (or, at least, the ones that I've known intimately)? After a while (especially if it's 'during'), they're just gonna be, like, "Y'know, what... f--k it." *laugh*
    I usually have to be the voice of reason...'during'. <-- Ok, not always a good idea. Sometimes, I'm hardly even lucid...

    Honestly? I don't like condoms, either. It's as much a physical thing as it is psychological...because I can feel the difference.
    ...but whaddya want from me? The patch, I don't trust. I've never vaginally birthed a child, so I'm not the best candidate for an IUD. Diaphragms seem cumbersome. The pill makes me nauseous...
    It's either take the pill and be sick ...or condoms...or research other options.
    Condoms were the best that we could do.
    In the meantime, he was nagging me about it. 'Babe...when are you gonna get on some birth control?' and 'You need to get on some birth control, mami`."...because he didn't want to wear a condom, anymore.

    Now-- to his credit? He, at least, made the 'mid-coital begging' sound sexy....*laugh* Still, the question would arise: Potential for pregnancy?
    He actually paused to ponder his options. I could visibly see the gears grinding in his head as he thought it over. "Well...we could --"
    "Mami`... you the one that wants to wai--"


    I just mentioned these things (herpes and condom begging - my storytelling) to kind of...humanize and put a face on the subject.
    We've things in common. We all go through these things. It's normal.
    Most men don't like wearing condoms. Eventually, you're going to have to expect a battle of wills. It's like trying to feed a kid brussel sprouts. They'll endure it for a minute...before looking for ways to sneak it out w/out you noticing...when stubborn refusal doesn't work, mind you. *laugh*
    ...and that's fine. That's 'couple-dom'.
    When it's your long-term partner...? It's funny.

    It's just that, where unsafe sex and risky partners are concerned, women just have to press the testing and condom usage. They have to understand that it's not just about...HIM and what HE wants.
    It's not just about 'HIS' pleasure. It's not about how wearing a condom makes 'him feel'.
    It's not about how the rigormorot of him being screened is an 'inconvenience for him'.

    It's about safety. Self-protection.
    You have to protect your bodies.
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    Like Tupac said in one of his songs: Keep your head up, legs closed and eyes open.
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    ^^ LOL..thats right legit writer
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    This strain has been around longer than 2008. I believe the 1st cases were reported in the 90s