Black People : Untouchable, Unconquerable, Bullet Proof Truthful Souls-Meeting w/Chief Osiris

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    Beloved One:

    A Nation will rise no higher than its Black Divine Womb-genders (females).

    The Destiny of the Black Divine Womb-genders (females): Is the Destiny of the World.

    Beloved One, we must (action) word Come together collectively to reason together about our Black Liberation

    A call came out asking. Who Has The Best Plan of Freeing Us?

    Beloved Kgmw Metasaience, in one of his Post, mentioned that Divine Truthful Thinkers are here on Destee.

    For ALL Serious Unique Creative Divine Thinkers, I am asking you all, are you all ready to meet with Honorable Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala, Honorable Garvey reincarnated, whose loving for Afrika can not be defined. Meet perhaps in Atlanta, one year or less from now to listen to Chief and Chief Listen to you/us all, so we can conquer our Divine Black Kingdom back?

    What Time Is It? NOW. If we do not think that the Time is Now, stick around and see what all will happen Later. Later is happening now.

    A Divine Black Spiritual Retreat is for:
    Free Thinkers
    Lien-holders of our own conscious/subconscious.
    Non conformist to this european mind-set
    Those Loving Beloved Afrika, and desiring to go home to Afrika.
    Those who are not about building up america.
    Those who have a Divine desire to know how to stop thinking like the human being europeans.
    Those who have a Ball of Fire (within), the desire to strive towards the knowing, growing so we can keep going, far from our present stagnated life conditions.
    a. What happened to us in our beginning?
    b. Why did it happen?
    c. Where are we now?
    d. What we must do to return to that which was Divine Truth and Reality.
    e. Knowledge, understanding/over standing of the European Human being mind-set. Know Thy enemies.

    I read where it says, we should be tearing down and not building up.

    EGO, envy, strife, jealousies, malice, confusion...and the likes of... is not invited/welcome. We should be tearing down that mind-set, so the Divine Truthful mind-set can be restored in us. SECURITY & IDENTITY

    I watched a movie with Lee Marvin and the Dirty dozen, Lee Marvin was the 13th.

    We who are fearful to attend for whatever reason, do not desire to know the plans back to our right Divine mind-set and back to Afrika, it is understandable why you hesitate to come. Fearful people are dangerous people, and they are always Tripping, what if, maybes, buts, might...and the likes of. We need fearless people. Pass Fear is Freedom. We need people who have untouchable, unconquerable, bullet proof Soul mind filled with the ammunitions call Truth and reality. We need Catalyst, Surgeons and Shining Black Meteors (No gender preference) in our Black Lives NOW.

    We must Action) word at some point in these crucial, critical, critiquing times in our black lives Dine and Feast on each other Divine Truthful Thinking mind, so that we will be able to go out and feed the black masses the Bread of Truth and the Loaves of Reality, so that they will be able to eat the rest of their lives and feed others.

    If (13) shows up at the meeting, that is a Divine start.

    Are We/Us serious and ready? If we are not serious, are we still down with (OPP) Oppressor Purpose Plan?

    The human being god said: You do not know the Plans I have for you. Haven't we been living in the (OPP), how many years now, and we still do not know what those plans are? There is a force much higher than the forces that rules and reigns on earth, and that Universal, Nature, Our Cosmic Ancestors within us is that force, and that is a force that can not be rearranged/changed like everything else the european human being god does once we have learned the game.

    Who is among us does not desire to know Divine Intelligent Information that can not be Google searched, found in libraries and dictionaries?

    Those who do not desire to know is down with (OPP).

    From the frontier of the future on the outskirts of the City of Eternity, and from the Chambers of the Divine, where Divine Spiritual Secrets resides, this message is given.

    There we have It. Another Show down for JUST-US/Justice. We are the judge, jury, and executioners. After all, what happened, happened to us. We have every Divine Birth right to fetch our Divine Gift right mind.

    Judge ourselves, Be a Jury to self, and execute the madness within.

    Question: Is it right to say that all Blacks who speak about building up burning up america and changing the system, they are enemies to the Divine Right plans for our lives? If we are not talking about our Mother/fatherland and what all we need to do to restore beloved Afrika, are we enemies to the Divine Right plans for our lives? Queen goddess Harriet Tubman plan was to be free in deed, not free slaves, those who continue to build up americas plantation, free slaves, those who want/wanted to stay and keep building up the plantation. Someone please answer that question.

    We, Jah people, can make it work;
    Come together and make it work, yeah!
    We can make it work;
    We can make it work.

    Five days to go: working for the next day;
    Four days to go: working for the next day;
    Say we got: three days to go now: working for the next day;
    Two days to go (ooh): working for the next day, yeah.
    Say we got: one day to go: working for the -
    Every day is work - work - work - work!

    Is the W Word WORK buried in our Thinking?

    Mortal people, mortal people we ask for things, yet we act as though we do not need them.

    How did most of our people spent this LABOR DAY?

    I spent it, Laboring/Working the Truth and Reality to my people, .

    If Loving Truth, Reality, Afrika is wrong, I do not desire to be right.

    WORK in me :SuN030:

    I salute and bow :bowdown: to our Cosmic Ancient Ancestors, Cosmic Universe, and Nature.

    I salute and :bowdown: to all of us who will be obedient to this Call that will be the beginning of our Black Liberation.

    The Truth and reality Bells is ringing. The GAMES are OVER my Beloved people. It is Time to come off the Play ground of Ignorance...and the likes of.

    ALL Warriors interested in attending this meeting, please let me know who you are in a post on Destee. All details will be worked out privately.

    TIMES FOR (ARMS): Afrikan Reality Manifestations. NOT FOR OURSELVES ALONE.
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    Sounding of the War Drum -A Divine Black Afrikan Spiritual Retreat

    Beloved One:

    Need I Continue To Warn Us Of Our Need For A Divine Black Afrikan Spiritual Retreat?

    True Black Nationalist is invited to come sit and reason with Chief Elder Osiris, concerning the condition of Afrika and the so call Black Afrikans, regardless where we are presently located in the world, also will be discussed in its purity, will be the issue of Reparation/Repatriation and Statehood for the Children of the middle passage in Afrika, as well as the criminal injustice system in america and the booby trap public defender system, a system used to send Black and poor people to be caged up like no Being need to be.

    This is the sounding of the War Drum and the laying of the dagger of Justice in the True Black Nationalist Hand,You have been Summon and those who feel Black and Nationalistic, it time for this Black Nationalist gathering.

    The windows of opportunity may never be open again, and if it is opened, it may be another 400 years before it do open again.

    The windows of opportunity, join us to hear our Divine surgeon of Truth Chief Osiris lead us back to our right mind-set.

    Please do not miss this opportunity of an Afrikan/Black LifeTime.

    The Black Nation need more of the below.

    One that sees: an inveterate seer of sights. 2. A clairvoyant. 3. A prophet.

    1. Of or relating to clairvoyance. 2. Having the supposed power to see objects or events that cannot be perceived by the senses. --clair·voy·ant n. A person, such as a medium, possessing the power of clairvoyance.

    1. A person who speaks by divine inspiration or as the interpreter through whom the will of a god is expressed. 2. A person gifted with profound moral insight and exceptional powers of _expression. 3. A predictor; a soothsayer. 4The chief spokesperson of a movement or cause.

    1. A god or goddess. 2.a. The essential nature or condition of being a god; divinity. b. Deity. God.

    Old t.v. show: CAR 54 where Are you? The above. Where Are you?

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