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    I just had to have him the first day I saw him. We switched numbers and I couldn't wait to call you. Something about this this I couldn't deny frome head to toe dude was fly. We did the courting thinkg you know how it goes. After that I had dude kissing me from head to toe. After that he started to flip. Cursing me out because I didn't return a phone call. Strady trying to knock me down hoping I'd fall. Isolating me from my friends and my world all because I needed to understand I was "his girl". He said he didn't care about the other chicks he hiit I was his number one, I was "his chick". Afraid of his hot temper and what he would do even though I was grown I graciously accepted my new curfew. Woed on the street was he skipped town. I was told I should be happy that he's not around. But for some reason I was missing a piece, just had to get the info on his rep sheet. I found out he was a lier and a cheat. The homegirls he introduced me too were the women he used to beat. So he left me for this other chick, I hope she didn't know about his past, if she did then she's sick. I can't be with no man whotouches me with his fist or stick. To sum it all up yeah he's behind bar, but see I changed my number so they'll be no collect calls. To top it all off the name he gave me was fake, I think his homeboy said his name was Jake.:jawdrop:
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    indeed i must say
    he was truely a fake
    his lies and anger
    told it all
    under his care u would have fall
    see inside da heart from da start
    not from head 2 toe
    coz these kind is a joke
    cool dudes usely broke
    glad u was able to see da truth
    before he took u through a loop
    next tyme be mo wise
    look under is mask see who he be
    give no number ever so free
    look into his motions
    please becareful next tyme
    a real man wouldn't have came dis way
    glad u can see and yo soul is free