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    Lets paint this love scene together
    You licking me all over and im melting like butter, as my heart flutters, I begin to stutter cause you’re so **** good.
    I must admit, you the **** !
    when you do the voodoo
    You do oh so well.

    You take ya time as you gently caress my valley
    Legs and thighs spread widely……… and I sigh
    Because I know this is the part when you feast
    And the beast that I must tame will be released
    Because you’re so hungry.

    Right now I’m wetter than Niagara Falls
    My walls and all….

    Hips and insides are thumping like
    Water dripping from a leaking faucet and I’m hotter
    Than a summer’s day on the Fourth of July.
    And I want to explode upon you like 98 degrees------ Celsius
    There’s no stopping us, I begin to cuss because you’re just too **** good when ya do the things you do, oh so well hell!
    I swear by this.

    By this time you’re on ya knees making ya way toward my forbidden fruit, carefully savoring the flavor,
    That you savor as your tongue twists just like a tornado.
    Your nature is rising; my body is sizing up the way that I want u to enter.
    Up and down, right to left, front back and center
    My lips quiver and my body jerks to the rhythm of your drum ......... I cum
    I want to hum a song because you’re so banging to me.

    Then carefully you begin to linger your finger near my river
    As you sliver ya tongue to my erogenous zone, I moan
    With deep intensity.
    But you’re not finished with me......No......Not yet