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    What it's like to miss that last love
    That last feeling
    That last romance
    The heart won't forget
    The heart won't be sorry
    May hurt another
    May rage with anger
    Like a wild blazing fire
    Never to forgive again
    Never to love again
    Something so passionate
    relucant to commit
    That kind of passion
    That kind of love
    That kind of intimacy
    That kind of longing
    You try to find another who can satisfy
    But there is not one
    You just want someone to know
    How it was to be like that
    To be in love
    Though someone may not be able to understand
    Though they may not be able to comprehend
    Your mind is in another world
    You don't know how to react
    You don't know how to function without him or her
    You turn to talk to them but they are not there
    You turn to be affectionate to them
    But you see another face unfamiliar
    Of the love you are used to getting
    To love you have to recieve love
    Recieve with all your heart and return it when you get it
    To those who are angry
    Understand their anger may blaze
    Without being able to communicate
    The right words to say
    They may expect
    That you owe all of you to them
    Sometimes when you hurt one another
    It's hard to repent
    Thinking you don't have to deal with it
    It wasn't your fault
    You were trying to do the right thing
    Sometimes can turn out to be the wrong thing
    Sometimes you are besides you
    If you think you can do it all on your own
    You find quickly that you can't do it all on your own
    Without God you can nothing
    Keep close to him
    Hold on to never changing hand
    Though you may be dismayed
    You change in your ways
    Yes God will reward you