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May 16, 2004
tragically i master letters with emotional mischief
playing gun control with my heart and soul
leaking my dreams to this note and
my desires for the sky to pick up
singing inner ballads of blues
heartache and orange tulips
white wishes
hard for comfort
yet yearning for light green stability
mixed with pink hellos and purple hugs
yellow friends leave my soul shining
and my sun setting at odd times
confused by my inability to overlook
the green zeal from others
sometimes turning my world blue
mixed upside down
and so its odd i find piece in the taste and feel of chocolate
its rich creamy filling brings substance to my living
and ends my search to cease this craving
for such reds in my life.
and so nothing can add up
to subtract
my multiplications
in life
to equal that natural satisfaction.
of crayola love.


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