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Nov 23, 2007
It's crazy how our wants over rides our minds.
I have this want, this strong desire to be held by you.
I know this want,
this desire cannot come to pass
but I want to feel your hands on my body.

I want to feel your lips on my lips
A passionate kiss that breaths in all of you
with the brush of our tongues
and the slow and eager movements of our mouths.
I look in your eyes and
I see that want reflict in mine
and I begin to feel a tightness that I never felt before
And I want to devour you

I want to feel the full and hardness of you
in my mouth and my tongue

I want to hear you moan in pleasure and scream my name
And it is getting harder and harder to resist my wants
My want to lose my fingers in your long thick hair
and gently but forcefully pull that hair
feeling you quiver
hearing the sound of pure ecstasy ecscape your lips.

I want to hear how much you want me,
how much you crave and long to be inside of me
to feel my wetness around you.

I want so badly to feel you inside of me
To be able to rap my legs around your waist
and feel you enter me slowly and carefully.
I want to look in your eyes as you ride me to bliss.
D@mn I want you.

I want you to ride me faster, ride me harder.
I want you to make me cum.
I want to hear pleasure,
feel you cum as I squeez around you
holding your hair tighter
pulling it harder
feeling the movements of your hips change
as you get closer.

I want this.
I want you.

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