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    Together as two spirits playfully swaying on an intertube swing
    attached by moonbeam ropes from the tree of the serene..
    we talked for hours, carelessly wading our feet in the milkyway..
    that night, the moon orchestrated its greatest concerto just for us..
    tasting starlight for the first time,
    intoxicated our rhythm's equillibrium,
    yet still we managed to gracefully weave intricate patterns of inebriated passion dances..
    swirling words inside my head now catapulted our celestial embrace into the burgeoning cosmos
    in the aftermath, the exchange of melancholy glances enhanced the nostalgia..
    was not the sky our bed that night my love?
    I remembered it being so...
    so deep inside of you that my shaft massaged your soul..
    and I read -then tasted- your lips before your words revealed themselves
    from the tip of your tongue..
    slow moving disbursings annoited my chakras and they reverberated with the eclipse of passion
    we soared and surveyed the hemisphere
    as angels on furlow from lovers..
    ..locked in the intensity of ecstacy's embrace..
    and during the most ecstatic of moments,
    our wings grazed the earth with such continual force that it formed what "sign seeking" 'earthlings' call "crop circles"..
    cropping contorted gyrational kama sutra rotatations; giving birth to transcendent tornadoes..
    that night we became the wind..breezing the hearts of all lovers..
    enticing their voices to shout declarations to the gates of heaven..
    and as the most divine utterance,
    our moans transformed into the sacred ohm; vibrating mountaintops causing the mightiest of trees to shudder..
    right now as we speak, my wings harbor secret memories of being
    hopelessly sweat saturated with the essence of you..
    ..and yes, still your fragrance lies embedded within my lungs; sommersaulting my senses when I inhale you..
    today, I allow my soul to caress hopes of tommorrow
    for us to once again peruse the planets and bathe each other's desires in the waters of lake dawn..
    disregarding the need for physical clothing,
    I'll cover us both with stratosphere sheets afterwards and hold you..
    we'll greet the morning sun naked and unashamed...
    My love, soar with me...
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    each day it grows more and more this was tyte poet !