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    Part II
    Three Weeks Later

    It was a Monday morning and I was walking into my office building when it dawned on me it had been three weeks since my meeting with Julian. At this point, I thought I would never see him again. I also had not seen Terek. I missed him very much. He moved and left no forwarding address. I sometimes wonder if he loved me or if Julian’s return was just and excuse for him to break up with me. I may never know the truth.

    The New Client

    When I stepped off the elevator onto my floor, I could hear my assistant Brendan talking and laughing. When I opened the lobby door, the lobby was empty except for Brendan and a new client. Brendan and our new client were in a deep conversation about a new reality show called who wants to be a model. I could tell Brendan was digging on him. Brendan was a 6 foot 5 inch 265 pound gay man with smooth chocolate skin and short curly hair. Brendan has been my assistant since Terrence, Darren, and I started this company. Terrence and Darren both have been through several assistants. Darren lost a couple because his jealous *** wife Tracy did not like them, and every assistant Terrence got he had to woo them. Then he would dump them and then they would quit. Brendan noticed me and greeted me with a big smile. His teeth were very straight and white. “Good morning.” “Good morning Brendan. I glanced over at the client and said “good morning.” I thought I was going to pass out when he said “hello, I’m Ken Johnson. I am glad Brendan was there because I almost forgot my name. Brendan knew I thought this man was fine so he stepped in and formally introduced us. “I’m sorry where are my manners. Lisa Kennedy this is Ken Johnson, Ken this is Lisa. She is one of the agency owners.” Ken was about as tall as Brendan was with smooth silky black skin. I could tell he worked out a lot. “It’s nice to meet you Mrs. Kennedy. “Thank you Mr. Johnson it’s nice to meet you also and it’s Ms. Kennedy.” “Well it is nice to meet you Ms. Kennedy.” “Mr. Johnson you have a very nice voice do you sing.” “No, I’m not a very good singer.” “That’s to bad.” Brendan interrupted us by saying you have a few messages waiting for you this morning. There is a couple from Julian he says it’s urgent.” I looked at Brendan and he winked at me as if to say I saw him first. “Ok I guess I’ll go to work now.” Before I went to my office, I thought I would throw out one more flirt. “Brendan who is Mr. Johnson seeing today?” Brendan was standing behind his desk looking at me with a message in his eyes saying “you know I’m going to get you later.” “He’s seeing Terrence.” I smiled at Brendan and said, “Ok thanks.” I went into my office and stared and my messages. I wonder what does Julian want. I just could not bring myself to call him. After about an hour going through applications and portfolios that Brendan had placed on my desk the night before Brendan buzzed me to let me know I had a visitor. Usually he would tell me who it was but I guess that today he was to tied up with Mr. Johnson. I could still hear them talking in the lobby. After the intercom hung up I called, Brandon’s phone to see who my visitor was. Brendan answered the phone as if I was interrupting him. “Hello!” “Brendan, what the hell are you doing? Let that man go sit down and wait for Terrence.” “Girl don’t hate because it is obvious I’m going to win this one.” I could not help but laugh because it was funny. “Whatever boy who is my visitor. Since you were so wrapped up in your boy you forgot to tell me who it is.” “Oops my bag.” “Yea your bag.” “It’s Julian. I have to whisper because he is sitting close to my desk.” After a long pause I said send him in 5 minutes.

    More to tell

    I sat in my office wishing Julian would just go away. I did not want to talk to him let alone see him. The shock of him leaving me for man has cut me right to the core. I would have rather he told me he left me for a woman. A few moments later Julian entered my office. He was wearing a blue suit with a white shirt and a pastel blue tie that look a lot like the one I bought for him a few years ago. I hoped he did not think wearing the tie I bought him would change my mind about him. He sat in one of the plush taupe leather chairs I had sitting in front of my desk. They matched the two sofas I had sitting in the middle of my office for less formal visits. “Julian why are you here?” Julian started clearing his throat and adjusting his tie. “Are you ok?” He cleared his throat again and said, “Can I have a drink.” “Sure.” I stood up to get him a drink and noticed his skin color had changed. He had gone from a creamy tan color to a pale pasty color. “Are you sure you’re ok?” I handed him a drink of water and he guzzled it down in one quick gulp. “I’m fine.” “Are you sure?” He handed me the glass back and motioned me to sit down beside him. “Julian I don’t think we should be doing this. We are not getting back together.” “I have something to tell you.” “I placed the glass on the edge of my desk and sat down in the matching plush leather chair next to Julian. “Julian what more is there for you to tell me?” Julian scooted to the edge of the chair and placed my hand in his. His hands were warm and sweaty. “I have to tell you about me. I have aids.” My mouth hit the floor. I had many things going through my mind. How long has he had aids, did he sleep with me when he had aids, who did he get them from, why was he telling me this? “The woman I had and affair with gave me aids. When my partner found out, he left me high and dry. I do not know if I gave this horrible disease to him or not. I have no idea where he is.” I just sat there and stared at Julian for a few minutes. I have never seen this side of Julian before. He has turned into a person I never knew he could be. “Julian, I’m really sorry to hear this. I don’t know what to say.” Julian started to cry. “All I need right now is a friend. I am sorry for all of the pain I have caused you. I know I have hurt you. I also know I did not make things better when I came back. I have made many bad decisions in the last three years. I know it is asking a lot but please be there for me.” I reached over, pulled Julian closer to me, gave him a tight hug, and whispered in his ear “I’m here for you always.” I could see that Julian was being very sincere. I could not turn my back on him now.


    Julian had informed me that he was going to move back to Kansas City, but first he had a few loose ends he needed to tie up in New York. I did not bother to ask what they were because it really does not matter now. He needs a friend and I am going to be there for him. I just had to make Terrence understand it. He has never liked Julian. Sometimes I wonder if it is because Julian was his even change until now at least. I do not think Terrence would ever look at another man. Darren has been the only person I have been able to talk to about this. I just have to find time to talk to him when Tracy is not nagging him. I can talk to my good friend Danielle sometimes but she has her own demons she is fighting. She is sleeping with a married man and has fallen in love with him.

    The invites

    Six months have gone by and Julian is getting worse. The doctors do not think he will live to see New Years. I have decided to host Christmas dinner at my house so Julian can enjoy what most likely will be his last Christmas. I have invited his mother, father, and all of his sisters and brothers. I also told them if there was anyone else invite them too. My family and friends were coming also.

    Thank you

    I had just enough time after the caters finished setting up to take a shower and get ready for dinner. I was somewhat nervous having all of these people in my home at once. You never know who is going piss off whom. Not to mention that one drunken uncle and thieving cousin. Julian was already here since he had been staying in my guest room for the past month. His mother came over early to help get him dressed and ready for the party. She had already had Julian dressed and looking like a brand new person by the time I had taken a shower and gotten dressed. Mrs. Roundtree was a short but stocky woman. She used to own her own soul food restaurant until she decided she did not want to work anymore. She wanted Julian to come and stay with her but Julian insisted he stayed with me as long as he could. I watched Julian and his mother talking with each other. You can tell in her eyes that she has unconditional love for her children. Sometimes I wonder if my own mother would drop everything in her life to take care of me if I was in that condition. The doorbell interrupted my thought and I started for the door when Mrs. Roundtree said, “Sit baby I’ll get that.” “Thanks.” I watched her cream suit bounce off her hips as she went up stairs to answer the door. “Are you ok?” Julian was looking at me as if he could see that I was nervous about today. “No, I am fine. I am just a little tired that is all. Do you need anything?” Julian reached over the back of the sofa and grabbed my hand. “Thank you so much for being here for me.” Trying not to cry I bent over, kissed him on his forehead, and said “Anything for you.”


    My Parents William and Monca Dupri were the last to arrive. That was not unusual for them. It is not unusual for them to arrive late to catered functions. My parents along with Darren and Terrence’s parents were considered to the social elites. They have made their millions and raised their children. So now, they are living the good life. My mother walked in wearing a white mink coat and a red sequence dress. She wore two diamond rings one on her wedding finger and one on her right ring finger. My mother is a true diva and she will not let you forget it. My father is a very shy and quite man. heaven only knows how he and my mother have stayed together for 40 years. I gave my mother and father a hug, and introduced them to everyone. Most of the people here already knew them. “Hi mama and daddy. How are you guys today?” My father was helping my mother with her coat when I noticed my grandmother standing behind them. “Oh my goodness I didn’t know you were coming Mama Grey.” Mama Grey is my father’s mother who is living in a retirement home in Kansas. She usually travels during the holidays visiting old friends. “Baby I had to come see about you and let you know I’m proud of what you are doing.” Mama Grey hugged me and kissed me on the check. “What am I doing that has made you so proud of me?” Just then, Mrs. Roundtree walked up behind me. “She is proud of you for taking care of my baby.” Mrs. Roundtree took my hand and held it close to her heart. She looked at my parents and told them how grateful she was for me. “I’m so grateful for Lisa. I thank the Lord for bringing her into Julian’s life.” I could tell that my parents were very proud of me. They both had big smiles on their faces. My mother chimed in with “I know she is doing a wonderful job. She is so kind and caring.” My father had enough of the emotional moments. He ordered everyone to the dining room for dinner. “Ok everybody lets gather around the table and say grace so we can chow down on this good cater food. There was laughter from everybody about the catered food but anyone who knows me know that I do not cook for more than five people.

    The Clean up

    After dinner, Terrence stayed behind and helped me clean up. We both were in the same boat no one to spend our evening with. Julian had gone home with his mother. The house was so empty and the thought that Julian may never come back to my home brought tears to my eyes. I tried to not let Terrence see me cry but it was too late. He had been watching me from the top of the stairs. “Lisa it is going to be alright.” Terrence said handing me some tissue. “I know but I love Julian and I feel like a part of me is dying with him.” Terrence hugged me and held me close promising me things were going to be ok. “If you ever need anybody I will be there for you always.” I looked into Terrence’s big hazel eyes and wondered why he was still single. I have never understood why a handsome, smart man like Terrence was still single. “Thanks, I need that right now.” Terrence looked around the room to see if we had forgotten to put anything up. “It looks like we are done.” I looked around almost wishing another mess to clean up. “Yea it looks like we are finished.” I glanced out the patio door and stared at the geese in the lake. Terrence could see that I very down. “Do you want me to stay with you tonight?” I turned to him and I saw him in a way I have never seen him before. “You don’t have to stay I will be fine. I’m going to take a shower and go to bed.” Terrence walked over, kissed me on my forehead, and said “ok baby girl call me if you need anything.” I gave him a big hug and said “ok thanks.” I heard the Terrence close the door and then there was silence


    I have spent everyday since Christmas with Julian. Our office is closed for the holidays and will not reopen until after New Years. Julian who has now become unable to walk or feed himself and I have set up until all hours of the night talking about when we first met and all of the good times we have shared together. He decided to go back to his mother’s house after Christmas. I have spent most of my time by his bedside, falling asleep holding his hand. Sometimes I would stare at Julian while he was sleeping and pretend that he just had the flu or something and would be fine in a couple a days.

    New Years Eve

    It was Saturday morning and another night had gone by with me falling asleep by Julian’s bedside. It was now New Year’s Eve. Without waking Julian, I left the room. I ran into Mrs. Roundtree in the living room. She was staring out at the snow that had falling the night before. “Good morning Mrs. Roundtree.” She glanced over at me with a still smile on her face. “Good morning baby. How are you.” I walked over and stood next to her looking out the window. “It’s beautiful isn’t it?” “Yes baby it is. It’s very beautiful.” The mood in the room between the two of was melancholy. I guess we both new that Julian would soon be leaving us. I broke the silence by saying “I’m going to the store is there anything I can get you?” “I am going home to change and pick something up for dinner tonight is there anything I can get you?” Never turning from the window, she nods her head no. I rubbed her arm and said I will be back soon. I looked in on Julian one last time before I left. He heard me open the door and gave me a sickly smile and wink. “Hey sleepy head.” My voice was cracking. “Ok, take your time I will be here.” His voice was very weak and feeble. I closed the door to his room and walked slowly down the dark hall. I had no idea that would be the last time I would ever see my love alive.

    The phone call

    I was at my home getting ready to go shopping when my phone rang. “Hello” “Lisa, baby he’s gone.” It was Mrs. Roundtree telling me Julian had passed. Even though the doctors said he would not make until New Years I was not ready for him to go. I stood there with the phone up to my ear not know if I was dreaming or if this was really happening. “Lisa are you ok honey.” “I’m sorry. I am fine. I’m on my way.” “Lisa honey don’t come.” I could not believe she was telling me to stay at home. “I have to come Julian really needs me now.” “Baby, Lisa listen to me. You need to rest. Julian’s sister Charlene will be her in a minute. I want you to lie down and get some rest. I will check on you as soon.” without saying anything, I hung the phone up. I sat on the edge of my sofa and found a pillow Julian used while he was staying at my house. I picked the pillow up and hugged it tight wishing it were Julian. It was then that I looked around my empty house and realized I was all alone.

    The Funeral

    The Morning of the Julian’s funeral Mrs. Roundtree insisted that I rode in the family car. His sister Charlene and brother Toby also rode in the car. No one spoke a word until we arrived at the church. Charlene broke the silence by thanking me for taking such good care of her brother. She was older than Julian and did not approve of his gay lifestyle. Toby nodded his head in agreement and said “Thank you so much for taking care of our brother and our mother. I don’t know how mama would have gotten through this without you.” “Thanks Toby but your mother got me through this. She is a very strong woman and you two should be very blessed you have a mother like Mrs. Roundtree.” Toby looked down in his lap nodding his head and rubbing his pants. “Yeah you are right about that.” Looked up and smiled at his mother. We got out of the car and went into the church. The walk from the car to the door seemed to have taken hours. It was a short walk but a million things had gone through my mind. From the first day, I met Julian to the last day I saw him alive. The church was packed full of his family and friends. We were ushered to the front row of the church were Julian’s casket sat open. He was wearing a black suit with a dark blue shirt and the ski blue tie I bought for him. His casket was his favorite color of blue. Like the tie he was wearing. As people continued to arrive, they would come down and view his body. All had kind words to say and most had tears in their eyes. When the music began the play and the funeral directors closed the casket and put the flowers back in place and after the young girl from his church sung his eye is on the sparrow I knew this was the end. I sat there and listened to all of the kind words people had to say about Julian then I realized no one knew him as I did. If anyone ever asked me about him this is what I would say.

    I really did not like Julian. I love Julian. For the past six years, Julian has been the only man I truly loved unconditionally. No, matter what I let him back into my life. The last six months I have gotten to know Julian all over again. I wish we had more time together. I wish we could have a family together. I wish we could grow old together. I wish we were together. I love you Julian and I miss you very much.

    The bouquet of flowers

    I went back to work immediately. I could not stay another day alone. Mrs. Roundtree had her son and daughter to look after her and I knew she would be fine. When I arrived at work the lobby was full of young people wanting to get a break. Any other day I would walk back out. However, today I am ready. I went straight to Brendan’s desk and asked, “What is up for today?” He gave me the “you do not see all these people in the lobby look”. “Girl you have a lot of hopeful people in here today. You should look at some of the portfolios. Someone should tell some of these people they could not dance, act, sing or model.” I glanced at some of the portfolios and felt the same way Brendan did. “Boy you aren’t lying about that.” I leaned over and whispered, “give all of the bad ones to Terrence.” Brendan chuckled and said “You know you wrong for that.” I laughed and went to my office. A few minutes later Brendan came in with my appointments for today and a bouquet of flowers with a note. “Look at what Miss. Thang has.” “Boy who are those from?” “I don’t know do you have a card.” “Yes they are form Terek.” Brendan had a big smile on his face. “What is that smile for?” “I don’t know you tell me.” I looked at Brendan like do not play. “Don’t you have some people to help in the lobby?”
    I sat down on the sofa closest to my office door and read the card. I was excited to hear from Terek since I was wondering how he was doing and were he was. I opened the card and it read. “Dear Lisa, I just wanted to say I’m sorry about Julian. I heard how you stayed by his side until the end. It takes a real woman to give up what she has and stand by her man the way you did. That is something to be proud of. I wish you love and happiness always. Terek.

    After reading the note, I wonder more about Terek. Did he just use Julian as an excuse to leave me? He did not leave any forwarding address or phone number. I guess I will never see him again.

    The Meeting

    It has been three months since Julian passed away. I still keep in contact with his mother and sometimes his brother Toby. I have been occupying my time with work and nice long workouts at the gym. Our company has grown a lot since the beginning of the year. Each of us has twice as many clients as we did last year. We are conducting interviews to bring in some help. My plans are to offer my assistant Brendan first dibs on these hot jobs. Darren and I were the first to arrive for our meeting on hiring extra help. We took our usual seating at the large oval maple table in our executive conference room. Darren always sat across from me and Terrence always set at the head of the table. Darren started going through some of his profiles since we were waiting on Terrence. “Why do no talented people think they have it going on?” “If I had the answer to that we would both be rich. You should have seen some of the people I had last week.” “I don’t know what makes people think they are the bomb when they are not.” Darren closed his folders and took off his glasses. “Where is Terrence? He is never on time for nothing.” “I know he probable stayed out to late with one of his hoochie mamas.” Terrence walked in on us laughing about him. “What’s so funny?” I blurted out “You.” With tears in my eyes from laughter. Darren was trying not to laugh in his face. I could see the tears in the corner of his eyes. “Man where have you been?” Terrence slumped down in the chair t at the head of the table. “Man I’m tired. I had a ruff night last night.” After that statement, it was even harder to keep the laughter in. Sitting up in his chair Terrence suggested we get started. “Ok let me go first. I would like to offer Brendan one of these jobs.” Both Terrence and Darren were in agreement with me on this one.

    (Do you want more?)
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    dis was a story indeed
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