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    I want you to be my sun
    So you can light my days
    And chase my darkness away
    Play in your radiant glow
    Baby, don't think I'm moving to fast
    But I ain't moving slow
    Time is a precious commodity
    And I want you to spending some time with me
    I want us to grow like the tree
    Nice and slow
    But the end result will e worth the wait
    You're the woman want to date
    But distance is keeping us apart
    Distanceis like a dagger
    Piercing us in the heart
    Because sometimes it's feels like an ending
    Not a start
    But we know better than that
    One day distance will be an after-thought
    We won't have to dream about how things should have turned out
    We both know what I'm talking about
    Sometimes I want to scream
    And you help me let it out
    I want to travel down I-95
    So I can look you right in your eyes
    And kiss away your tears when you cry
    Whispering sweet nothings in your ear
    Baby, all I want to do is breathe your air
    Run my fingers through your hair
    Call you pet names like "baby" "sweetheart" and "dear"
    I'm sending you telepathic messeges
    So you can hear my toughts
    I know you wonder why I treat you this way
    That's just the way I was taught
    I want to dive inside you and drown
    I want to become a blacksmith
    So I can make you a crown
    Tell me your secrets baby
    I just want to be down
    I'm not like these other idiotic clowns
    They do't know how to treat you
    They need my eyes
    So they can see what I see
    And I see God's definition of beauty
    They come out their face and call you a cutie
    But you're more than that
    You are beautiful
    So very wonderful
    I want to drink you
    So my soul can be full
    You got me thinking about songs that have you yet to be written
    Iflove was a bug
    I think I've been bitten
    That was kind of serious
    Other people might think I'm delirious
    But who cares about other people
    Looking from the otside in
    Looking at this like I just commited some kind of sin
    But my intentions are made in all sincerness
    My thoughts are filed with purness
    `Cause you bring out the best in me
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    ...down south...
    very nice...
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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    nice...enjoy the read