Black Short Stories : Untitled Work (I really can not think of a title!)

either way it goes...

I feel like I have to sell this character out. On the one hand, it would be nice if he took the high road, but what exactly is the high road here? His wife is dead, so he really should have no problem pursuing this relationship. But this realtionship is tainted to say the least. I imagine that goiung though his wife's death would actually bring him close to her, but now that she is gone why wouldn't this be a good relationship to pursue, especially considering that he was going to leave his wife for this woman. Was the whole relationship they had so sweet because it was like stolen watermelon?

He can pursue the relationship and be happy with it. Maybe she is is sould mate and he should be with her. Over the las year, he has been faithful, more or less, to the memory of his wife, something he could not accomplish while she was alive. Perhaps this is the love that conquers all, and they are the ones who make each other happy foir the rest of their lives.

So tell me what you all want, because I am not certain how I want to end this story!


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