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Apr 2, 2001
“That suit looks good on you. Blue is definitely yo color. Like the way it caresses your beautiful face and compliments your features. Ummm lets see …yeah I’mma let yo dreds hang” she says to herself.

“Been tellin you all along you would be very handsome. Yeah , I got me a handsome fella here I tell ya.” As she brushes away a stray piece of lint, and adjust his dreds again getting them to hang just so over his broad shoulders. He was a very tall very large man. When he entered the room all eyes were on him. His presence dominated. Like now they were the only two souls in the room, but the focus was on him and his apperance.

“Never thought I’d see this day come, but here it is” she whispered. He didn’t say anything. She brushed another piece of lint from his arm sleeve. She fussed and carried on like that for an hour or so until everything was just right. She doubled checked his new shoes and made sure his socks were pulled all the way up. She adjusted his pant leg once more and moved her attentions to his upper body. A pull and tuck here, adjusted his tie, smoothed his vest and stated buttoning up his jacket.

“One, two, three, four all done now” she let out. She ran her hand across his cool cheek and placed a gentle kiss there lingering for a second or two.

“Yes I think I will wear this dress here” Remember when we bought this” she said holding the garment to her body giving herself a twirl. “We’ve had some good times you know, and some bad but mostly good I think” she explained.

She scurried out the room and went to change into the black dress they had bought one fall in Paris. She put on her shoes and touched up her hair. She applied minimum make up and donned her good pearl earings and a string of pearls. Grabbed her hat and walked out the bathroom.

“I’m so nervous but I don’t know why” she rattled on. She looked herself over in the mirror and was adjusting her dress here and there when there was a gentle rapt on the door.

“It’s time now”

She walked over to the door and let the four gentlemen in. They waited for her to return to him before advancing anymore into the room.

“Well I guess we are ready” she said breathlessly
The gentlemen nodded and came towards them.

“Wait” she took a deep breath and placed a small ring in the coffin before the attendants closed the lid. They readjusted the coffin and asked her if she was ready. She nodded and took one more deep breath before following the four attendants.

“I never did mind about the little things, we will meet again my sweet, sweet, king”

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