Black Poetry : UNTITLED IV. (an acrostic)

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    I swear, I do declare hers is an acquired taste
    Sending me to transcendent locations as I’m sure not to make haste
    Preparing the way to intercourse on the ladder of lustful rungs
    Rolling clitoris and clitoral hood with my tongue
    Empting my inhibitions as I bait her to bring us -
    Always closer to merging urges, via cunnilingus
    Delving into casting tart delicacies, and turning the tide
    Heralding the coming of something good with my tongues rough side
    Effervescent is the mood with no subtle submission
    Real and up front is the tongue-**** stimulation
    Leveraged and positioned to make her whole body don a grin
    Already braced to have her nectar run down my chin
    By and large, the charged atmosphere has ions of excitement
    Inklings of orgasmic clamor just adds to the enticement -
    Under the shroud of cunnilingual communiqués, we phase
    Melding and merging our beings in a communion of which I’ll feel for days

    I swear, I do declare me and her make quite a pair
    Kissing her ***** with my chin on the split of her derrière
    I kiss her **** while digitally stimulating her inner ****
    Singing my praises in cries and moans as I stimulate her ‘warm front’
    Sharing this moment, this time and this space
    Elevating the ecstasy with a teasing tongue trace
    Delving into particular locations on her body – a very private place
    Having the time of my life, positioned, with her ***** in my face
    Erratic convulsions rattle her frame as her voice reaches a certain pitch
    Reaching for anything she can grab a hold of after having ‘toggled her switch’
    Undermining barriers that for so long have been built as a defense
    Titillating her to the point when she speaks, she doesn’t make sense
    Erasing the tension, that at one time she brung
    Razing the walls of her womanish parlor with the flickering of my tongue
    Unleashing a torrent of tangy tartness that stains my lips
    She lets loose her liquid libations of which I take swallows and sips

    I swear, I do declare it had a moist squishy feel
    Albeit moist, I choiced to go ahead and make a meal
    Tasting glandular delights that sets a tone for an experience inaugurated
    Eating ***** has me drunk with ecstatic libation … I’m intoxicated
    Opening the doors to lasciviously sexual delights
    Under the guise and rise of the sensually polite
    Titillating her monkey with a tongue – electric and about to arc
    Harnessing the power of ecstatic build up, like a capacitor about to spark
    Energized by her swiveling hips and the taste of her pubic skin
    Reveling from the feel of her ***** pivoting on my lips and chin
    Volleying her twat back and forth as I lick her space
    Agitating and aggravating her to a point where she begins to **** my face
    Gargling with the rinse of her orgasmic sensation
    Inundated with the flood of her female ejaculation
    Nicely nasty with her ‘gin n juice’ as her twat rubs it, and smears it
    All over my face as my tongue lauds it and cheers it

    I swear, I do declare she was every bit as passionate -
    Seething with Desire … no guessing where the passion went
    Pausing only to take deep breaths, to go places passion sent
    Racing to raze barriers so that we can dwell under passions tent
    Evening activities taking a turn for the better
    Albeit hot and arid passions, in certain places she gets wetter
    Damming me to euphoric places in a spiritual plane
    Hearing her sighs and hissing, not missing the sensual gains
    Edging towards orgasmic bliss while running a kaleidoscope in her mind
    Reaping the effects and rounds of smoking flesh as I **** her from behind
    Cuntal clones from frenzied frontal friendliness wets my shaft
    Harmony of name calling as she lubricates my ‘rod’ and my ‘staff’
    Elevated ecstasy mounted as we indulged in a sensual art
    Erasing tensions built by celibate separation caused by time apart
    Keeping current with a rhythm that allows my body to smack her ***
    She shudders from the resulting orgasm that’s nothing short of world class

    Written by: K-JiO
    © 2009
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    Hot news flash of extreme taste of honey beware this can be deep and sensually hot
    love this drop...............