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    Gathering gathered us up in a full sweep.
    Sistah's Rising and testifiy allowed us to be

    Situation cause things to change
    You became mean and not too nice

    I became caught in my slience
    I've cried and shed tears
    You did not deserve.

    I want to say I hate you
    But can't cause you still make me wet
    ****! How I hate you.

    Something’s happened and things transpired
    You hate me so easy now
    Kisses from others are like
    Virgin blood wine

    I got lost in your transgressions
    And you were following my footsteps

    My elders keep say you will be ok
    THEN WHY THE ****
    Do I keep having these really?
    ****ed up dreams
    Of Kill
    And the new girl
    I don't like
    She is EVIL
    You can't see that

    I lost myself in the rhapsody of you
    And the
    Blues play in my background

    Constant replaying of the tape
    That you laid for me is
    So much it is skips a beat
    Our relationship
    If you can call it that

    Second wife concubine status is what I was
    Deem to be
    In your minds eye

    Betrayal lay heavy in my psychic

    How could you?
    Why did I let you...?

    I have not right in my actions either....
    I am doing what you did and that's not cool
    You have no heart...
    And watch your back...
    Cause even though you hurt me in a deep, place in my
    I am watching your back...

    Cause I got love, unconditional love for you...
    That will never change
    You can count on like the rising of the sun
    And the setting of the moon
    The shooting stars

    How could you?
    Why did you?
    Was it worth it?
    Do you have a heart?
    Why am I on the outside?

    Oh! And please come and get your bed!