Black Short Stories : Untitled{cant think of one}

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    3 AM

    I lie still, thinking, dreaming, wondering how in 4 years my life has came to this. Then it came over me, nausea, sickness, pain. I knew only one way to get over this. I looked around my scarcely furnished apartment at the people I used to know and love. The faces of the people i used to know and love now hold expressions of grief and havoc. The faces of dead people, their souls ripped out and sold to the devil for a piece of his pie. I looked at myself and realized that I have no reason to judge because the expression they held on their faces is what’s on mine. I realized i was one of them lifeless and dumbfounded . Then it hit me again, nausea, pain and only one way to take the pain that I’ve been caring for 4 months now. I crawled over to my boyfriend Mike and unzipped his pants. I caressed then proceeded to lick. As my mouth slid up and down his manly pride, my hand slid into his jacket pocket. When a look of ecstasy came across his lips I snatched my white prize from his pocket. After I was finished me and my partner-in-crime bolted out of the door. We went down an old alley on green street, were piper were huddled around a can of fire. Me and Alicia sat on a old dirty mattress. Being careful to look down both ends of the alley, I pulled out 2 matches and a spoon, then light my matches. I put the the dope on the spoon then light my matches. I watched the flame as it intensified, turning the spoon and dope into it;s puppet. After i was finished i poured the liquid into a syringe alicia found behind the dumpster. I pulled out an old shoe string and tied it around my arm. Alicia injected every last drop of t he poison into my body. I felt it run through my veins, empowering me. Then something went wrong. I shook violently, like i was having a seizure. Foam and spit flew outta my mouth. Alicia picked up the needle and drug and left like everybody else. There I was, alone and left to die. Then outta no where a little girl knelt down next to me. She took some type of cloth from her out her pocket. She wiped the sweat off of my forehead. She told me to hold on, that help was on the way. Then she got up and disappeared down the alley. The little girl reminded me of the some one i knew.

    I woke up to the beep of the hospital monitor. I felt nothing but pain as the insulin replaced the dope that normally ran through my veins. WHen I opened my eyes I saw my mother with tear in her eyes. She came closer and kissed my forehead. She whispered in my ear that god loves me. Then with that she was gone. I couldn’t handle the pain no more. There had to be another way. I reminisced on the happy times in my life, my childhood.

    Chapter Two

    August 9 1996
    Saturday; 3:30

    “Mom, why can’t we just go today” I said

    “Because Cameren, I told you my car acting up” She said

    “MOM, we only going to the mall, ya car will be cool”

    “ Alright girl, but if my car get ****** up imma kill you”

    “Don't worry, it wont”

    I couldn’t wait to go to the mall. I had to get some new jeans for the party tonight. It defiantly will be hype. I grabbed my phone and called gee. It rang 4 times before he finally picked up.

    “Hello” he said
    “you wassup, what you doin today”
    “Nuttin, why”
    “You wanna go to the mall right quick”
    “I can’t im bout to go see my girl for a lil bit”
    “OH” I said disappointed “What’s her name again, Shaneal?”
    “Naw, shanell”
    “Cameren, get ya *** down here girl if you wanna go to the mall” my mom screamed
    “You gee, I gotta go ok”
    “Ayo cam, call me when you get back, I got something for you”
    “What” I said smiling
    “Don’t worry about it, jus call me when you get home”
    “Aight” I said as i hung up
    My mom dropped me off at the mall and said she would pick me up later.
    As soon as i stepped in the mall, ****** was on me. ****! why not i looked good wit my dolce and gabanna knee high boots fitting perfectly on my 5’7 inch fram. I was 16 going on 2, and I looked like it. But I don’t have time for simple minded dudes, but that don’t mean that I couldn’t look.

    I walked in my favorite store and bought a cute little guess denim outfit wit a cute little pink shirt. Then i walked down to Foot Lockers and bought a pair of pink and white adidas. As soon as i walked out the store my pager went off I called the number and an unfamilliar voice said something.

    “Hello” she said
    “Hello, someone page cameren”
    “Yeah ***** , I did! I jus wanna let you know that me and Gee broke up because of you, as a matta of fact he’s on his way to get you.”
    “Whateva I don’t know what ya talking about. And for you information my mother aint name me *****, so don’t call me out my ******* name again.”
    ”Yeah, yeah ***** this **** aint ova” she said as she hung up

    As I hung up the phone, I thought about what she said, and for a quick second I believed her. But that quickly faded. I’d known gee all my life and he never had any feelings for me like that, even though i did. I turned around and started walking out the door. Then gee walked up to me and and told me to follow him outside. I got into his car and looked in his sexy eyes’s for the first time i realized I needed to be next to him, I never met a guy more caring than gee. But don’t get me wrong he aint soft, His thug appeal drives me crazy.

    “YO, cam you aight”he said waking me from my daze
    “Yeah im cool” I said
    “Look I got something to tell you” He said
    “ No let me go first”
    I took a breath then confessed my feelings.
    “Gee i’d know you since I was 2. Remember we used to take bath’s together and play war in ya back yard” I said

    “yeah, and you would cheat and then go tell my mom you won so she would give you a cooke”

    “Yeah” I said laughing “ But what I’m trying to say is you’ve been my best friend all my life and I always loved you”

    “And I love you too”He said “But what do you wanna tell me”

    “I wanted to tell you that. I wanna be with you, I always wanted to be with you. And if you just take a channce at love, im sure in your heart you’ll wanna be with me too”

    Gee smiled, the leaned his head back like he had something heavy to tell me.

    “ what’s wrong Gee?”

    “Nothing, Look I came up here to tell you that your Moms in the hospital”

    “Why? I mean what happened?”

    “When she was coming home from taking you too the mall, her car stopped in the middle of traffic and she was hit by one of those trucks which ended in a four car collision”

    “Oh my ******* god, you mean to tell me this **** is all my fault” I said crying “If only I could of waited like she told me”

    “Cam, its not ya fault”

    “What you mean it’s not my fault? My mothers laying in some hospital because I couldn't wait to go to the mall cause I had to look fl” I said crying uncontrollably

    Gee grabbed me and wrapped me in his arms like he never wanted to let go, and for a moment neither did I . We sat there silent for a moment, then he broke the silence.

    “ You wanna go see ya mom” he said

    “ No I can’t see her like that” I replied

    “ So where you wanna go”

    “ I don't care, as long as Im with you” I said looking up at him with sparkling eyes. For the first time I saw something in Gee no there woman has seen besides his mother. I realized he felt for me as much as I felt for him. Gee said we should chill in a hotel room so I don’t have to get paraded with people telling me how sorry they are for me.

    When we got there, Gee checked us in. We was straight, Gee picked up some hennesy, alize and absolute. The blunts was flowing freely. I planed on getting drunk and high tonight to get rid of some of the guilt i felt. I know I should go see my mother but i can’t stand to see her like that. Times is hard, but love is even harder.

    After 5 drinks me and gee was stretched out across the king sized bed. You know what they say, drunkenness tends to loosens ones lips. Drunk lips speak a sober mind. And the topic tonight was sex.

    “ Gee can I ask you a question” I said

    “ What” he said
    “ When did you lose you virginity”

    “ DAME! you startin to sound like the feds, what you the Narcs now”

    “ sike! just answer the question”

    “ You know tamika”

    “ Yeah, Tamika Jhonson”

    “ I lost it to her”

    “IIIIIILLLLLLLLL” I said screaming “ When”

    “ The night of nicky smith’s party” he said “ She was all on me, she I took her up stairs to nicky mom room and ya mean that’s what happened”

    “ Ill Gee that girl was dirty “ I said frowning my face

    “***** is *****, plus you wasn’t givin it up”

    “I was 11, If you had waited a couple years you could’a got some”

    “NO you was a punk, remember when you was 14 and I was 16. Ya mom went on a church retreat and you stayed at my house for the weekend. You was all on me. Then when things got a lil physical you got scared” He said

    “ I was still a virgin, I ain’t lose it till this year”

    “ Who popped that cherry anyway” he said “ Was it that ***** *** ***** chuck”

    “NO, that ***** was scared to touch me, let alone ****”

    “ I told you that ***** was soft” he said laughing

    “ And I told you that ***** shanell was crazy” I retorted back” Why yall break up in the first place”

    “ because of you”he said softly stroking my hand

    “ What do you mean?” I said happy at the fact that he was touching me

    “ She got mad cause I had to leave come get you” He said “ she started girlin, so I told her it was over”

    “OH she called me and told me”

    “What she say” He said defensively

    “Nothing just that she hates me and that it aint over”

    “If that *** call you again, tell her she gotta deal wit me”

    For a moment we sat silent. I was realling felling him and I know he was diggng me. Then I broke the silence.............

    “Gee, what imma do about my mom”I said

    “chill tonight, we can see her in the morning”
    “Ok, one more thing” I said

    “What” he replied

    “Can you hold me” I said looking at him with the most innocent pair of eyes

    “ Yeah, boo” he said “ you know what i think”

    “ What you thinkin”

    “That you wanna be my girl”

    “Maybe, but don’t play ya self cuz you know you was checking for me” I replied

    “Ok smart ***”
    For the rest of the night we fell asleep in each others arms. That night I dreamt that my mother died, but before she died she told me to never ever give up. That love would find me and fulfill my every desire. Then a light appeared and she began to walk toward it. I cried for her to come back, but she kept walking until she reached the never ending light. She turned around and winked at me. I realized that’s the last time I would see my mother. I started to get scared and angry. I shook violently as reality hit me. I hear a voice call out to me that shouldn’t.

    “Cameren, Cameren, Cameren, can you hear me Cameren” Gee yelled as he shook me
    “Yeah, why you shaking me” I said not realizing what had just happened.
    “ You were screaming and look like you was bout to have a seizure”
    “Really? I just had a dream about my mother” I said
    “ What happened?” he said while wiping crust out of his eyes
    “Dame! he still looks good after he wakes up” I thought
    “ Cam you aight” He asked looking at me like I was crazy
    “ Yeah Im cool”
    “About ya dream” He said reminding me
    “Oh yeah, um I dreamt that I went to go see her in the hospital and she told me that love would find me and then walked into a light, like god was calling her. I cried out for her to come back, but she keep going.
    “What you think that means” he asked
    “I dont know but im finna find out, lets go see her”
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    ~The hidden library...~

    you've def' have talent and are great at keeping the readers attention
    both stories were captivating and full of images with a certain raw quality
    you have a great way with inserting little details that give the reader a full
    picture of what is happening as if watching a cause the reader
    to use all senses...

    Great writing!
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