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Mar 17, 2001
Minneapolis, MN
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Remarkably delicate...
days and evenings spent as
calculated steps until I see
you again

When I'm tired, you don't mind
When I'm weary, it never bothers you
When I'm fatigued, you lend your support

At 9:00 post mediem we meet at the
same place, same space~
I'm always ready for whatever journey
you have in store

I never ask you questions-
It's a matter of trust
After all, you've never been with
anyone else - 'cept me
...only I...

You're iMpReSsEd with my contour and
I too am impressed in you
A "calming affect" is how I describe you
A simple definition for angelic repose entrance
...........a beginning
...............a portal
to examine my daily thoughts, fears, and
any sudden ecstacies -
you absorb whatever
I saturate you with

I share all my secrets with you
knowing you won't disclose or reveal-
I laugh in you
I cry in you
you elevate me; exclusively
bare my secrets of the soul
you are a constant/comfort
my prayers pass through you

...softly until oscitancy summons
Where will we go tonight?

Take me to the land of
phantasy......or nod
as I close my eyes
and lay me down
fly away - far away
a sanctuary...
majestic castle in the air
introduce me to MORPHEUS the
"mesmeric one"
as you did the night before
-he offers hypnogenetic opiates
for free.....
to free; and
set free
my mind, body, & spirit

what he provides will re-produce
phantasmogoric dreams
that penetrate, ease, -- subdue
making it easier for me to hold onto

no bolster;
no sham needed

....allow me to put on my
just a second and I'll
slip into
my pall----aise
-I'll be ready in a moment
and I'll
come for the

rest assured~
I love what you do for me~
Ok, this had me going either way when I got to this verse:

"When I'm tired, you don't mind
When I'm weary, it never bothers you
When I'm fatigued, you lend your support"

Then I get to the end and you talking bout' yo pillow. This is refreshing indeed. You can read this either way like I did. I like the hook.



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