Black Poetry : UnTitled 42


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
Written stories told through lines
history made by black minds
poetry created by da hands
lyrics cross in wave of land

Many pains mix with greed
with da faces of da greed
while my solo heart do bleed
for da king and queens we need

I can't come to grasp
yet wondering how long this last
broken , death , blind we pass
and turn wit our selfish mask

I cry out with a tarnish look
untold still , "un-finish" book
playing in the system like a chess rook
dirty cops black lives they took

Change from the sheet to a badge
lost riches to old rags
it seem like an reality yet an illusion
now my people in mental confusion

I fight the wars of every battle
stand strong where it matter
marching to the killing beat
yet frozen my lonely feet

Don't let me go down as a memory
but remembered , treasured and loved
know ur watch from da father above
as it's written on da stroll.



going above and beyond
Aug 20, 2010
Made with so much richness at heart. The stroll is literally a different story.
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