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Nov 8, 2003
How is it that we weren't destined to be?
I mean....the intensity...the frustration...the passion....the unspoken but yet well understood feelings that we share. How could that be mistaken for anything other than what it is?!

How is it that even when your far away i can feel you deep inside my chest cavity....your heart beating in sync with mine?!

How is it that your lips touch mine every night before i drift off to sleep and every morning before i start my day?!
But yet you're nowhere near me...

Why is it that when i touch myself...its your hands that i feel caressing my flesh and your voice speaking to my soul....causing me to whisper your name into the air....hoping you can hear me...feel me?!

Like a boomerang we find ourselves in this same space....clinging on to whatever this is....that we can't escape...living in the bittersweet moment.
..knowing that our realities will soon come knocking and our "whatever this is" will once again drift away...but!

I'll still feel you and smell you....you'll still be here even tho your not here. You'll still kiss me goodnight and in the mornings before i start my day....and I'll continue to pray that our souls are destined in our next lifetime.

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