Chief Elder Osiris : Universal Order As Opposed To New World Order

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    Universal Order As Oppose To New World Order

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    When You Do Not Know, You Will Believe Anything Told To You About Your Black Afrikan Self.

    Beloved, regardless of how you have been conditioned to believe about your Black so call Afrikan selves, in the way that you are no good and is just a parasite attached to the world, the same world Lucifer want to make anew.

    I am come to share with you information about God, Universe, and your Black selves, as you are exposed to this Age window of time that has all of the quantum power to have you Black people to become Enlighten again about your Divine Selves as oppose to who you have been made to be in the Time of Blinding Lies and Deception, a Time that is no more that apply to you Black people today, if only you will allow your Black selves to become enlighten by the Time we are now experiencing.

    It is Time for the reawakening of Black so call Afrikan people who has the obligation to bring Universal Order Back to this Earth Planet.

    Beloved, what I share with you is not information for sleepers, and Black people through the last dispensation of Time just past, you have been the sleeper people of this evil and conning world, and now Lucifer know that this is the Time today for the Black people reawakening, Lucifer know that he must attempt to configure the world to a New dawning of Time that is more compatible to the potential of a people that he, Lucifer have kept asleep, for the last Thousands of years.

    I share with you Divine information that is not of ego, envy, and not jealous based.

    I share with you Divine Information that is revealed to me by the interaction with my intuitive self, the dynamic of that internal action having to do with the Divine Essence, its attribute to the Body life being the soul that give the Body ability for action.

    So beloved, I invite you to begin to look to see all that is unfolding in this world today, a world under domination by Lucifer who has already declared his want to reconfigure the world, by establishing a New order for the World to submit to, and Lucifer being the actuality of that Order which he has been putting in motion for the last Thousands of Years, in hope that it will maintain the Divine Being which has been made Human Being.

    Black and Afrikan you are now identified to be, yet you are the focus of Lucifer to keep in your sleep slumber state, in the world.

    Beloved, as long as you Black people can be made to submit to the construction of Lucifer New World Order, and continue to comply humbly to Lucifer system to be established for the way the world is to function, then Lucifer is assured another Millennium of Reign in the world.

    Because the New World system will continue to maintain the Black World sedation that cause Black people to function in life in a sleep like state.

    There is no sign that Black people are awakening out of our sleep like state, our Divine Cosmic First Way Ancestors informed us that a House Divided will not stand strong and will be good for nothing but to imitate what is presented to be, but is far from the Reality of what it is supposed to be, A House United.

    The New world Order is just what you are witnessing being formed today, and unless Afrika become completely disfigured and transformed, there can be no New World Order.

    Therefore, the Enemy Of the Divine Beings upon this planet, you who have been made to be Black Afrikan Human Beings and if you continue to allow Afrika to be taken away from its original inhabitants, you will remain meaningless in this New World as you were in the OLD WORLD,

    Beloved, you who are of the Land Lucifer call Afrika, you who are the descendants of Divine cosmic Beings, you whose Ancestors came to this Solar System bringing a Universal Order of the Civilization to be established, here you are today, listening to Lucifer declare to establish a New world Order, and any order Lucifer Establish, serve to be a disorder to the Black World.

    You Black so call Afrikan people are representative of Infinity, the Universal order which our Divine First Way Ancestors brought to this solar system, it was that of an order that function in Harmony, Order, and Balance, creating the Universal resonance of Electromagnetic rhythm that cause Gravitational vibration to play the sound that travel into infinity.

    Such is the Universal order that the Black world is obligated to reinvigorate into the Universe.

    So, why is it that you Black people act as if you are so dumbfound over what is going on in Afrika , an action that trigger action all over the World in the motion of constructing the New World Order Lucifer know he must establish before the Reawakening of the Divine Being to take effect, that being those people now referred to as black Afrikan people.

    You Black people sit around on your do nothing behind while open theft is committed regarding Afrika, you have allowed northern Afrika to be adopted into the political economic claim to the middle East, as Islam Arab Religion is moving across Afrika the continent.

    The Land takes on the identity of the people who are in control of it, and today, Afrika in the North has gone through an identity change and no longer is considered to be Afrika, but now is taken to be the Middle East Arab Land, and as Islam is allowed to be the religion of Black conversion of conquest, Afrika fades away and Afrika become Asia Middle East, somebody else land , and a people without Land to Control, become a poor excuse of a people who will just do nothing, as their Mother and Father Land they once controlled, become a people made to serve to be the parasite in the world in their own land, a status Black people now occupy in Lucifer world.

    There must be a reawakening of the Black world and you must come to serve notice to Lucifer, regardless of his Ethnicity and with a history of oppressing Black people.

    Have you forgotten so soon that Afrika is for the Afrikan and we should stop at nothing until the Black world has assumed back power and control again over our Mother and father Land, Afrika.

    Woe is unto you who do not have pride of what you are and in this case, we are Divine Beings with a universal Right to our Mother and Father Land, Afrika.

    Reparation is the issue to serve as the catalyst that is capable of causing a mobilization of the Black world for the purpose of reclaiming Afrika and to establish a Universal Order on Earth.

    A Disorganized People are People who are weak and is without respect in the world.

    Be Kind To Your self, beloved

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]