Black Poetry : Unity

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    Come take out your bible

    Let us start a revival

    Unification is the plan

    Grab your bothers hand

    We shall all live to understand

    The drunkard in the gutter is still are brother

    This nation is drifting further apart

    Blown away by Satan's fiery darts

    Look to uphold one another and pray

    Others may claim it ought not be that way

    We all need unity you see

    Let us break through all the hate & negativity

    The black, brown, yellow & red

    What is going on inside our heads

    Stand tall with the gay, trans & straight

    Stop all this violence with deep hate

    While Trump is in his ivory tower

    We all need to relax & take a hot shower

    This is the time the moment the hour of power

    Flirting faces in certain traces

    Got folks out running the bases

    Stand up for who you are on the inside

    Many just want to play games & run away to hide

    but these are desolate times yet we settle

    for ill but faded rhymes

    Both Jessie Jackson & Reverand Al wants you to join hands to be a pal

    Please stop the racisim my man

    Seek for unification as a plan

    Not a break on a long vacation

    Plant seeds of kindness

    Close up wounds that bind us

    Learn to take baby steps in the sand

    Like Obama once said, "Yes We Can".

    Stop sticking it to the man

    May have to reach through party lines

    Lift your head up high with a face that shines

    Pray with all of your might

    Stop living each day by sight

    With time your faith will grow

    May have to knock the wind out of your sail to inflate your ego

    Love will keep us together and the way we should go

    Let's look above for the heavenly love

    Merciful one come take this chip off my shoulder

    Stop the senseless fighting as our nation grows colder

    In time we shall shine

    Don't turn around when your hands on the plough

    Unity is where we should all be

    Living in America the home of both the brave & free