Black People : Unity what about my freedom?


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Apr 16, 2001
Do you ever get the strange feeling that a large percentage of the AFRICAN AMERICAN population are over concerned with doing their own thing and unity is something of the past by dreaming to be free at last?

I'm sure WE can list all the "WE as BLACK people dont..." and "WE as black people need.." statements till WE all kill over.

Is unity played out?

I am truly offended!! I am the current Generation. And i disagree. We groom from what we were raised on and integrate with what goes on in the world today. Much of which our past generations have set back and allowed to happen. Back when Kennedy was President our past generation was running around talking about Black Power and killing off everyone..destroying your own neighborhoods out of stupidity, smoking pot and whatever other drugs you were interested in, having sex and so forth. But then the next generation comes along and you want to blame it all on them. That's BS!!! I am sick and tired of our past generations expecting us to pick up where you guys dropped off...where they decided to screw up. Don't get me wrong...our generation has its issues but most people on crack in this world today aren't the current generation. Most kids in gangs didn't make up those gangs...they are followers of the past generations who started those gangs whom they look up to do the love and attention that their parents neglect to give them. We as people need unity but our unity was lost a long time ago. When we tried and end results still turned out as us hurting ourselves rather than helping each other. There is a big age gap but reality really needs to set in on a lot of adults out there. People say that we can't do this and we are not suppose to do that. I am a future leader of america....My background don't check out as peachy but I personally feel i got more sense that some of these adults running around out here. When our generation screw up the adults complain and the government make a new law. When the past generations screw up they call it an accident an mistake and tap them on hand..don't do that again. But they really shouldn't have done some of it the first place with all their "years of experience" and all. We follow in their examples... so what do they have to say for themselves?
No kemetstry.

The human condition is beseeched with iniquities, we seek the cure. The examples you qoute of the "present generation" do not spoil the whole. What you see as fault on the "present generation" I see as an ULTIMATE FAULT on the preceeding generation(60s-70s). The younger generation were once innocent children. Your children, left to fend for themselves with no rites of passage, no acknowledgement of substance other than DREAM speeches and JESUS.

Meanwhile other communities stake claim on natural resources and issue out measures of approval and standards which brings us no avail.

Regardless of the volly of opinion, I take ownership of my life and respect the next man. So far the consequences have been a good 30 years in the making.
Unity was never played in

The idea of black people gathering around a single ideal and promoting that idea as "unity" was/is fantasy at best. It couldn't never happen. the "played out" thang you feel is just reality setteling in.

we underestimate individualism as a bad thing among black people. we should respect our different interests and ideologies and perfrences and just committ to each other to give our support despite the differences.Instead, we want to say what "black" is and what "black" is not. Anybody who don't measure up is called a Uncle Tom, a sellout, oreos and others. That is stupid and anit-progressive. Is unity played out? About **** time. Now maybe we can start doing thngs for real. Do we relly need an agend? Isn't life , lberty and the pursuit of happiness agenda enough. To not discourage a fellow brother or sister, and to help all we can should be what we are about.


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