Africa : Unity is the Best Plan for the African Nation

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    Unity is the Best Plan for the African Nation
    Sheik Abdurrahman T. L. Nelson

    When we use the term African Nation, we speak of all Africans and people of African descent all over the world. This includes all Africans on the African Continent as represented by the African Union and the African Unification Front; plus, all Africans in the African Diaspora, including the Arabs, who are scattered and suffering all over the world. Thus, the question is, “what is the best plan to solve the problems of the African Nation?”

    The best plan to solve the problems of the African Nation is national Unity, African Unity, the Unification of Africa and Arabia. The Unification of Africa and Arabia is a geo-political necessity. Why? Because the Arabian Peninsula is a geographic part of the African Continent. From a strategic standpoint, there are no natural boundaries between Arabia and Africa. Therefore, the only defensible borders for Africa include Arabia. For instance, imagine alien or enemy nuclear military bases (or aircraft carriers) stationed in the Red Sea between Africa and Arabia. This would constitute a strategic threat to the whole African Continent. Another nightmare concerns the zionist project called Israel. Israel already has nuclear weapons. And, it is squatting on the Arabian Peninsula. Israel has attacked Africa at least six times. Plus, Israel operates spy stations from their camp. And these spies operate throughout Africa and the African Diaspora. Therefore, in order for us to have defensible borders and national security in Africa, we must include the Arabian Peninsula in the African Nation.

    Dialectically linked to African Unity, the Unification of Africa is African Development. We cannot fully and efficiently solve our economic/development problems without solving our political problems of African Unity. The question arise, “why not just let every little tribe set up its own little tribal state? That way there will not be any ethnic or tribal tensions.” True. But, it would be an administrative and logistical nightmare. Imagine trying to do business across 2-3000 tribal borders. It is bad enough with just 53 borders. We have to go through customs and pay taxes at 53 BORDERS! So, it should not be hard to see that reducing man-made barriers, such as borders, among us is progress.

    For instance, the Front for the Unification and Development of Africa and Arabia (FUDAA) is implementing an Irrigation Project in Africa and Arabia. But, the imperialists are trying to destroy Zimbabwe. This makes it hard for us to set up business there. However, we could set up an office in a neighboring country such as Namibia. We need money to finance the Project. We can get money in Libya, Saudi Arabia and the oil-rich Gulf States. As the Irrigation Project progresses, we will reclaim waste lands all over Africa and in the Arabian Peninsula. The same technology that we develop in Africa can be used in Arabia. This places us in the forefront of the world-wide green revolution. Nobody has a bigger problem to solve than we have in the African Nation. Take global warming. As the ice melts the sea levels rise. However, as we irrigate the dry-lands in Africa and Arabia, we will take fresh water from the sea reducing world-wide sea levels. Furthermore, by irrigating the dry-lands, we will be able to grow more vegetation. Vegetation emits oxygen. More oxygen reduces carbon dioxide and the green-house effect. It amazes me that so many otherwise intelligent people do not seem to see that African Development is the solution to global warming, or at least an essential step in the right direction.

    We see, therefore, that in order to efficiently develop Africa economically, we must have political Unity. And, we must develop economically in order to inspire and sustain African Unity. The two go hand-in-hand. We cannot have one without the other. We must have both simultaneously, political Unity and economic Development, and vice versa.

    How does this affect us in the Diaspora? Why should we care? After-all, we are told constantly, “them there Africans and Arabs sold us into slavery.” Really? Well, to put it simply, it works something like this: as Africa develops economically and politically, we in the Diaspora will have a place to run to when the chips are down.

    First of all, there are tremendous business opportunities in investing in African Development. For instance, land that is worth pennies now will be worth many, many times that much once irrigation is installed. I know of no better returns on investment than this. We need to be creative and think out of the box. World peace depends on our ability to take responsibility for our own problems. There will be no terrorism problems if we start investing in Africa. Think about it.

    It all starts when we recognize that we are Africans. Period. Africans need to spend their time in colleges and universities studying those arts and sciences that are related to Africa and the problems of Africa. This would even have an impact on our health. We will experience fewer problems with stress and anxiety if we love ourselves and love Africa, and stop trying to please the white man all of the time. What good does it do us to become experts in Russian history when we know nothing of Sudanese history? That is an insane, sick African. One who speaks Russian, no doubt, but cannot understand anything in Arabic or about Arabic.


    The Front for the Unification and Development of Africa and Arabia comes to take us home sweet home. Africa is our HOME. We will do this by directly linking us in the Diaspora politically and economically to Africa. Politically, we will establish a network among all African organizations, including businesses, churches, masjids, alumni associations, teacher’s unions and many other kinds of African organizational formations. This network will be used to gain political representation in the Pan-African Parliament. This may involve a total political merger with the African Unification Front. Such a formation will, for the first time in history, consist of a world-wide political network involving participation by Africans and people of African descent, including Arabs.

    FUDAA, however, does not stop with political networking. We must also establish an economic Front. This will involve finding common ground with oil interest in the Arabian Peninsula and the African Continent, for instance. Plus, we are seeking a deal with our neighbor beyond the Arabia in Persia. There are historic and cultural issues between Iran on the one hand and Africa and Arabia on the other. But, we have common interest in matters relating to the world-wide oil and energy business. We are determined to make peace and common cause with the Iranians, for this reason among many others.

    Actually, we are much more advanced politically than we are economically. Much work must be done to get more Africans in the Diaspora, first of all, aware of what is needed and how to help; and secondly, actively involved in the African economy. FUDAA is developing new creative ways that this can be accomplished. For instance, any African can invest the Irrigation Project, when fully operational, with just $10 per month. For those who cannot afford that, such as students, we encourage other projects. In Saint Louis recently, students collected old books that nobody wanted or used and shipped them to Africa. We salute the Local Organizing Committee of the Millions More Movement for helping to coordinate this project. This is step in the right direction.

    In the future, it would make sense to collect old used clothing and shoes and have them shipped to Africa. Old lawn mower motors can be rebuilt and used to operate irrigation pumps. Do not just dump them into the trash. FUDAA needs motors and many other things that we can think of.

    The bottom line is this: FUDAA is here to involve all Africans all over the world in the process of the economic Development of Africa. Our first active committee is the Committee on Economic Planning and Business Development. No one person has all of the answers. But, each and every African has a contribution to make. Send your ideas and suggestions to [email protected].

    In short, the best plan for the African has been developed by the Front for the Unification and Development of Africa and Arabia. This plan has been developed after a long and careful study of the history of the African Nation, including those on the African Continent as well as those in the African Diaspora, including the Arabs. The plan is to involve all Africans in the political process of Unification and the economic process of Development.

    LONG LIVE THE NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Beloved abdurratln:

    I hear and see what you are saying.

    When we speak of Unity among us, we must speak about both realities (physical and Divine Spirit). We will never get anywhere without the other.

    It Is in the Mind-set we must Think and Unite as One, all else will follow. We need to fetch our once Divine ORIGINAL mind-set in order to have the Harmony, Order, and Balance we need.

    If we do not, then much of what we do will end up being VAIN EGO Glory, and there is nothing Divine about that.

    One Accord in Mind, gets us off our behinds.

    :SuN030: :SuN030: :SuN030: