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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Whenever there is talk about unity, be it by Family, State, or Friend, such a relationship must be of a Divine continued Action, because when dealing with Unity such a Universal expression can not be faked or be imitated, it must be sanction by the Natural order of the Universe Action, it serving as a clear example of how Divine Unity express and display its Action of relationship, one with the other and All to Each other.

    When dealing with a stated Claim of interest in becoming in a relationship of Unity, the mere fact that such a desire is being addressed, shows that there must be at present a state of Disunity that is in action, concerning those claiming a need for a Unified Relationship and in this case let us look at and deal with this Afrikan discussion about Afrikan States forming a relationship of Unity with each other, thereby causing them to become a Union of Federated States in Afrika, consisting of just Afrikan People.

    In Afrika you have a variation of Ethnicity of people and yet they all are considered to be Afrikans, with the only thing identifying the Afrikans, are that those Afrikan People are located in the Continent of Afrika, so when the Talk is about Afrikan Unity it is not about Black People Unity, only statutory political State Government Unity and I say such profane Unity does not reach up far enough to the Divine Level of Unity whereby it affect the people that make up those illusions Of States.

    Where there is disunity and there is no effort to deal with the cause that is securing the disunity that now prevail among a disunity of people, those made to become recognize as just a Land Mark and not a distinct Homogeneous Collective Ethnic Group of people, with their own distinct identity, then there is no effort of honesty to change the relationship of disunity that now abide in that place referred to as Afrika.

    Afrika State Unity has nothing to do with Black People unity in Afrika and when there is no action at work that will render to the Black people in Afrika the Greater Good in Life and such come with the expression and display of Honor and Respect for Black people in Afrika, they having a Life Living experience that is free of poverty and disease, having the Justified Right to be self govern by the over whelming consent of an undivided Black people in Afrika, regardless of how they have been made to become a divided represented Land mass, calling themselves Afrikans, a description that is divisive and deceptive, breeding nothing but confusion, yet in such disorder, the cry goes out for a Afrika united State, whose focus is political and is not organic, which represent the original Natives in that Afrika Land.

    Freedom and Unity does not come by osmosis, especially when it has been interrupted by false and deceptive means of action, causing Freedom and Unity to be the more so, in need, requiring such Living desire, such as Independence, Peace, and Joy and such is to be gotten in the same fashion it was taken away and it was most certainly not by some profane political decree, by phony Trumped up Afrika States calling for unity, they that still have the Blood of our Black ancestors dripping from every phony boundary Line that Divide a once Unified Black People, in that Land now referred to as Afrika.

    Freedom and Unity, once disrupted does not come flowing again as water flow through a sifter, such a Divine state of relationship must be taken back just as it was taken away and it most certainly was not by some lying deceiving Decree, coming from imitating Afrikans calling for Unity for Afrika States and not Black People in Afrika.

    It is not my obligation to share with you what the Human Beings serve up to you as a regular diet, of which we feast upon without question, I come not seeking a general Majority nor a Minority consensus from Black People of that I share with you, I come sharing the Divine Truth about what is needed for Black People to do, that is if the Desire is of Divine intention, regarding Unity for Black People in Afrika, you who consist of all of those so call Afrika States, therefore only when Black people in Afrika is Unified, will the States of Afrika become Unified and not before then.

    Now, you may take it or Leave it as it is, the Divine Truth I speak of, concerning Black people condition and status in Afrika, as I speak of at this moment of our black Time on this Planet Earth.

    The Divine Truth, Afrikans Despise The Divine Truth, Because It reveal The Profane Lies that flow from The Afrikan Human Being Mind, And The Human Beings, They Lie!!!

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief elder
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