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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Every since I have been participating in sharing information with the Black World, I have been an unwavering advocate of a United States Of The Continent Of Afrika, because any so call Black Afrikan, serious about changing the condition of Afrika and the lives of the .Afrikan People Proper, claiming to be intelligent and do not support the Unification of Afrika, IS IN FACT, A SURROGATE OF THOSE PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE FOR AFRIKA PRESENT DIVIDED STATE OF GOVERNING.

    The origin of Afrikans civilization was not set upon a foundation of Afrika and Afrikan people being Divided, the natural and proper relationship the so call Black Afrikan had with the Continent of Afrika, and the Afrika continental so call Black Afrikan People, was that of a relationship of a Oneness of Unity, and upon such a Mind to Land Foundation, did our Ancient Divine First Way Black Afrikan Ancestors Designed and Constructed the Greatest civilization to ever live upon this Planet referred to as Earth.

    During the Time of our Divine Era of Time, there was no need for symbols and terms that denote Man crafted un-natural division, he creating a criteria for such a Divided concept as Racism, Prejudice, Segregation and Discrimination, using references such as Us and Them, Man and Woman, Superior and Inferior, Justice and Injustice, all such inferences is a creation of the Profane Human Being, needing to create a Class system of a Pecking disorder to bring attention of contrived respectability to such A Being referring to themselves as Human Being, a Being that thrive on instigated Division, instead of Natural Separate Integration, the Modus Operandi of the Divine nature of naturalness.

    There is no greater Divine Master Teacher having the Energy Print of the Divine Essence, than Its Universe, in the Natural progression of Sequential Action, a Process that rebuke the action of descriptive expressed profane Nature, such as Us and Them, Racism, Prejudice, Superior, Inferior, action of Spirit that create Division of the Divine Natural Order of all that the Divine Essence has so produced to be Revealed to be the order in which all Things are to revolve in the Divine Universe, the Stars and Planets and the Ethereal Elements, such serving as the Divine Essence Eternal, Inert, Infinite Energetic Existence, all set upon a scale of Divine Unity.

    So call Afrika, and the so call Afrikans residing upon this Earth Planet, in the continent of Afrika, such was once locked in the Natural cause of Unity, with our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors, they knowing and Understanding the Binary relationship that the Natural Order of all things, project all things to be unified as One, yet in a variation of Many, established in a Separate integrated relationship, verifying the Divine distinction of the Universal Specie of All Things, yet none having the Trinity of Evil to identify a Spirit of Segregated Discriminated divisiveness, among all that is created to be the Symbol of the Oneness of the Divine Essence, to all Things consisting to be of the Universe, serving to be the Divine truth of Unified Oneness.

    Afrika is meant to be One Continent to the Divine Being, which brought Civilization to the so call Afrika Continent, a Civilization of One Homogeneous People, unified by the Genetic uniqueness that is attributed to Pheno-typical Oneness of the Beings that we so call black Afrikans are, not in the uniqueness of Supremacy over all other Different Beings Phenotype, but in the Nature of our Divinity, and our Spirit Verify the Natural Oneness inherit within the Divine being, a Mind now gone not to be active today.

    Today, Afrika and the so call Afrikan Transformed Human Being, is a Divided Anti natural Profane Being, now operating under a false premise, claiming to be now of a Different and variation of Tribes, living in a false sense of security, identifying ourselves as Phony Countries, created by the Human Being, those people that created the Division of Nature action, by discriminative Segregation of the Beings, upon this Planet.

    So, in the Continent of so call Afrika, where a people once Divine and Unified, and had not yet become Human and Tribal, the so call Black Afrikan is now serving as the reclassification of a once Unified Unique Oneness of a Divine Being, the Dynamics that verified the Divinity of the Divine Black so call Afrikan Being, who is now the Divided Tribal confused so call Black Afrikan Human Beings, now living under a false premise claiming to be Civilized Human beings, yet the condition of the Black so call Living condition today, prove us to be the most modern day uncivilized Black so call Human Being now residing upon this Planet Earth.

    In order for the continent of Afrika and the Black so call Afrikans to survive the Torture applied to the Black Life today, by a system that promote the action of Divide and Conquer , which the Black so call Afrikans are serving as victims today, there must be a stop to all aspects of our lives that now cause the Division of Afrika, now serving as Black so call Tribal Nations, such a Black so call Human Being Spirit today, is verifying the anti nature of the so call Black Afrikan Human Being Spirit, and the result from such a display of so call Black Afrikan attitudinal Behavior in the World today toward each other, is what is being witness of Afrika and the so call Black Afrikan Life condition in the world today, and that condition come at a Time when the so call Black Afrikans are claiming to be so intelligent, wearing the White Man education, yet serving to be the evidence of being the most unlearned people about themselves that are on this Planet today.

    I will make this prediction, which is that Afrika and the so call Black Afrikans will not be able to experience the Oneness of the Divine Life Living again upon this Planet, not until the Lost Children of the Middle Passage has returned to their Mother and Father Land, as the next established State in Afrika, and that status in Afrika will serve as evidence that our Enslaved Ancestors will have received their Reparation for all of the Toil and abuse that they did suffer in America, and such a return in that fashion, will signal the beginning of the Reunification of Afrika and the now Divided Black so call Afrikan Nation.

    But first things first, we the children of the middle passage must reclaim our divine mind and not until we retain our divine Mind, will we be able to understand clearly, why we must demand our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.

    You May Take It Or Leave It Alone.

    Be Kind to your Selves, Beloved


    Chief Elder