Black People : Unite Afrika- One Voice, One Action, One Afrika Campaign-Sign petition please

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    For those of us who are serious about our loving for Afrika, please sign the petition.

    Brothers and Sisters,

    This campaign was established for the purpose of uniting the African people of the world to come together in one voice, to work together as one action, and with our united effort create one Africa.
    We believe the time has come for the Global African Community to prove to themselves, once and for all, that they are neither negligent nor complacent.

    Up until now all pressure to assist in developing the African Continent has come from International Organizations, which are, in most cases, non-African. So far their efforts have yielded success in garnering support for the cancellation of debts to the poorest countries of Africa, but their still remains much work to be done.

    Historically, we believe the time has arrived for the Global African Community to take matters into their own hands in assisting in the development process of Africa and its people.

    We must prove to the world, once and for all, that we are not complacent; but rather a determined force, when we are well informed, more than capable of lobbying and supporting our leaders, to ensure they make the correct decisions which will create positive changes to the African People. As we are well aware democracy is a veritable platform to achieve these goals and we need to continue to stress the importance of free speech as a vital key for development and progress.

    Without a united determination of the Global African Leaders, striving for positive change, the efforts so far gained from the international community will be in vain.

    Our generation will not tolerate this outcome, hence the introduction of the
    "1 Voice, 1 Action, 1 Africa" Campaign.