Black Poetry : Unifying Our Kings

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    Once our kings were a feared nation.
    Once our families were free to be proud of
    Who they were and what they stood for.
    Once a man took it upon himself to be too
    greedy and sell someone who made him angry.
    That greed turned into our downfall.
    We gave that man's soul away for a few coins.
    Now we lost that home we will never find.
    We lost the daughters and sons we will never know.
    We lost the mothers and fathers we want to see.
    Thought this time has long passed,
    The thoughts and knowledge passed on
    through the ancestors has given
    The new children the way to regain their lives.
    Being just like those who have taken your throne away
    Is making you a man...
    it makes you a slave to your own greed.
    How can I forgive you brother?
    You did not know what you could have caused to be!!!
    I forgive you and will finish what you started. I will be that ruler in your place...
    I will not ask for the gold, the jewels,
    the materials that I can just lose to another...
    I will seek the way home
    through those that I have given the life and teachings
    I have learned from the kings I wanted to be.

    Brothers, now is the time for you to take the lead
    In bringing the mothers,
    the children,
    the family into the collective fold
    of unifying our future kings and queens
    with the way home...
    Do you know the way home?
    I know the way...
    Just follow those before you and you will be there...
    Take my hand and I will guide you
    On a difficult,yet worthy journey into your soul,
    Mind and spirit of searching
    And finding the way home...

    (c) controversywriters, 2001-02
    conceived and written by R.Y.Smith

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    african-american atonement is definitely still what is needed today!! I loved this piece ryss77!! Thanks for droppin' it in here!!