Black Short Stories : Unhappily Married pt 3

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    Experience #2

    My next encounter was even better then the first. Once again Skye had convinced me to go out for a night in town with her. I was hesitant at first afraid that Manny would be upset. Manny hated Skye so when I told him my plans he was not happy at all.

    “Why you chilling with that *** you need to be home with me and Lissa” he barked.

    I rolled my eyes “oh please I’m here all day with Lissa, whoa can I live. I’m in the house all day every day while you get to go out” “Yeah I go to work you talking about going to clubs to shake your @$$ on some horny n*&&@$. Your too old for that and your married Skye aint” “So what’ch you saying?” I asked with plenty attitude. “I’m saying no”

    Ooh I was so peeved that I stormed away and walked into our bedroom making sure to slam the door shut. Just like I expected ten minutes later Manny came in talking about I could go out this one time.

    I laughed to myself. Manny was such a sucker when it came to giving me what I wanted. He knew how spoiled I was and if I didn’t get my way I would be mad at him for days.

    Needless to say I went out that night and boy it was a night to remember. See Skye knew this guy who worked at a bar and he had a major crush on her. Anyhow he hooked us up with free drinks and by one in the morning we were tore up from the floor up.

    We staggered out the bar looking like two drunk hoochies. We both wore short skirts and fitted shirts. Dudes driving by probably thought we were hooking but it wasn’t like that.

    I stared at the clock in Skye’s car for two minutes before my vision came in and I saw that it was still kind of early. I wasn’t ready to go home just yet. In fact I was in the mood to get my back blown out.

    “Yo wus up wit your boy Jason call him” Skye didn’t hesitate she picked up her cell and called Jason. But just my luck no answer. Still I wasn’t ready to go home so we decided to go to the beach. Skye had a small joint and we walked on the beach and got blazed up.

    While there we met this cutie. His name hmm can’t call it but he was fly. A little short but he had smooth caramel skin long soft braids and a nice car. He was a little on the slim side but with all the liquor in my system it didn’t even matter. Both me and Skye were flirting with him like crazy. I mean we kept giving him crazy compliments gassing his ego up.

    Eventually we made an arrangement to follow him to his crib where his brother would be waiting to join in on the fun. He said his brother looked like him so I was like cool.

    Me and Skye followed him while we blasted some white music. See we were very opened minded. We listened to every thing. White reggae hip hop 80’s some r&b mainly the old stuff.

    We were probably the only chicks who drove throughout the hood blasting rock and roll songs. But we didn’t care. We sped following shorty doo wop while listening to Nine Inch Nails song Closer.

    Finally we arrived and parked. Shorty led us to the back of his crib and sitting on the back stairs waiting was his brother. I smiled pleased that he was just as cute. We followed them inside and it was on and popping.

    At first the brother was acting up like he wasn’t feeling me. We were in the dark basement on a couch. Not trying to look but Skye didn’t waist no time. I could tell she was blowing cuties mind I mean literally.
    As for the brother I asked what was wrong he just said he was tired but after a while he got up and went over to Skye.

    Well lets just say they had a threesome thing going on. I sat on the couch a little disappointed but eventually brother came back and it was on. He had my legs cocked up in the air while he did his thing. Boy it felt good and when he was done I wanted more but my cell phone kept ringing.

    It was Manny calling harassing me but I kept hitting the ignore button. By the time we left it was after three in the morning and I knew Manny was going to be heated.

    On the way to my crib I called him back to assure him I was on the way home. All he said was “yo just bring your @$$ home” then hung up on me.

    I wasn’t worried though me and Skye had already came up with a story. I was a pretty good liar so I knew he’d believe my story.

    Before we reached my crib I thought back to what I had just done. Once again I felt a little guilty but the pleasure I had experience was worth it and I ignored my guilt. I just pretended what I did didn't happen.

    So I said bye to Skye once we arrived and staggered into my building. I rode the elevator to my floor and entered the dark apartment.

    Manny wasn’t in sight and I figured he must have gone to sleep. Good I wasn’t in the mood to fight.

    Ha! Boy was I wrong as soon as I entered our bedroom Manny came from the blind side of me and began swinging his fist at me. He caught me off guard with a number of blows to my head.

    All I could do was throw my hands up trying to block his hits and cry and scream for him to stop.

    “Stop pleeease” I cried and begged as he broke me down to the floor. Finally he stopped and backed away from me. He sat on the edge of the bed with his head in his hands. I just sobbed and touched my mouth that was leaking blood.

    [email protected] I &^%*& up jake is going to come” Manny kept repeating. He told me that someone was going to call the police.

    I finally managed to pick myself up off of the floor and limped into the master bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror and boy what a sight. My lip was busted and there was blood all over my shirt. My head felt rattled and Manny had knocked both of my back teeth loose.

    When I came out the bathroom we heard a knock on the door. Manny shook his head “I knew it” he said then walked over to me. “Baby I’m sorry a’ight you okay you straight?”

    Believe it or not even though he had just kicked my @$$ I didn’t want him to go to jail.

    So Manny quickly made my take my bloody shirt off and stashed it under the mattress while I changed into something else.

    Then he wiped my face off as the knocks on the door continued. He kissed me softly on my lips then told me to go open the door.

    I opened the door and found three officers waiting. “Maam is everything alright we received a call about yelling and a woman screaming and crying.

    My face wasn’t bubbled or nothing but they could tell I had been crying. In fact they told me they even heard my crying from outside.

    Two of the officers walked to the back to question Manny while one talked to me. He kept asking if I was okay if I was scared to talk and if my husband had hurt me. I didn’t say much I just told them that we had a fight that was all.

    But he kept asking if I wanted my husband to leave and if I felt unsafe. I just nodded my head no as I fought back my tears. I felt so humiliated. The police at my door four in the morning all my neighbors heard all the commotion.

    Still they kept asking if I wanted him arrested. I told them no.

    They saw Lissa’s room and asked where our child was. Luckily Lissa was staying with my in-laws for the night. I couldn’t handle it if she had been there and saw what her father had done to me.

    Eventually jakes left and I went back into the room. Manny told me when they questioned him he just told them that we had an argument. He made sure to tell them what kind of wife comes home at four in the morning and they probably felt sorry for him, ha.

    Anyways I just wanted the night to be over. I wanted to take a shower but I was afraid Manny would grow suspicious. Instead I laid in bed far away from him as possible and fell asleep crying.

    Even though Manny had hurt me part of me felt like I deserved it after all I had cheated on him. Maybe he sensed it not sure but karma is a $#@*%
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    Love child this really a good yet deep story line here can't wait for the
    next part..........
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    Waiting in anticipation for part 4. Will there be a part 4?:sand: