Black Short Stories : Unhappily Married 2

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    Experience # 1

    Setting out to commit adultery never crossed my mind the first time me and Skye entered the club scene. All I wanted was to get away from home have a few drinks and party the night away. Yet fate had other plans for me. Starting from the beginning first there was Jason and his boy Tony. Skye had met Jason on the streets and he convinced her to go to a hot new club and told her to invite one of her girls. Yeah well Skye doesn’t chill with girls like that so of course she came to me her favorite cousin and best friend. At first I was like h*!! to the no, but after she gassed up how fly Jason was and that his boy was probably as cute I gave in. Still I was just going to tag along make them buy us some drinks then take my butt home.

    Did that happen well some of it did. We hooked up alright went to the club and got drunk for free but as for me returning home on time not quite. See in the club as I grinded up against Tony Jason kept staring at me with lust in his eyes. When I asked Skye about it she said “Lisa please that n#[email protected] ain’t my man, we fam I have no problem sharing” At first I wasn’t sure how to feel about what she said. See Skye had already done the nasty with Jason and she swore he was all that and some so I was a little curious. Still it felt wrong I didn’t want to cheat on Manny again and not with a dude my cousin was messing with.

    Well all my common sense and morals was out the door by closing time and as we left the club me and Tony were all over each other. I don’t do the kissing thing though. I don’t like all the spit swapping stuff but he sure knew other ways to get me excited. As we drove from the club I sat in the backseat with Tony but Jason might as well had been back there because he kept looking back at me. I was afraid he was going to crash being so concerned watching me.

    We safely made it to a hotel but there were no more rooms so I figured oh well it wasn’t meant to be. But before I knew it Tony left the car and in came Jason. He told me “yo at first I thought you was gonna be whack since you’re married and what not, but I can see I was wrong” he said getting close to me. “Hold up what about Skye and Tony?” I asked looking out the window and seeing her walking away with Tony. “First of all Skye ain’t my girl ain’t nobody catch no feeling like that and Tony said it’s cool he’s feeling you too but this is me right now” he said trying to kiss me. Now you know I had to stop him and let him know I don’t kiss. He didn’t care and was ready to get down to it anyways.

    I almost felt bad and guilty but being drunk and craving for something different I went along with it. Jason was one of those aggressive lovers. He was all over the place sucking on my neck yanking my clothes off and a lot more kinky stuff you can only imagine. I was in ecstasy he took me to place I hadn’t been in a while. “Oooh yes harder harder!!” I growled as I grabbed onto his little peanut head urging him to go deeper. Just when I thought he was about to take me THERE he stopped looked up then started getting dressed. I sat up not sure why he had suddenly stopped. But then I looked out the car and saw Skye looking in our direction and she looked heated.

    I was confused because Jason told me that she was cool with it plus she told me herself back at the club. Still we both got dressed then she and Tony got back in. I decided to remain quiet as Jason drove us back to where Skye had parked her car. When we arrived I was out the car like a bat out of hell. I started feeling low and dirty but Jason yelled out the window calling me back over. Skye said bye and continued on to her car. As I walked back over to the driver side window I prayed that she wouldn’t dip on me and leave me stranded but I knew my cousin better then that. We were too close to let some #@%* come between us.

    “Yo wus up let me get your number” “Uh I don’t think so not until less you want my crazy obsessive jealous husband to shoot you” “What you think n#**@$ aint got guns too” he said all cocky while looking over at Tony. They both were staring at me like dogs in heat. “Yeah well if you want me contact Skye we’re always together” “A’ight ma ump” he said licking his lips then I walked away.

    As soon as Skye pulled off I asked her “yo you straight you ain’t mad at me?” “No please I was mad because Tony was trying to holler and I wasn’t feeling him like that, cuz I told you we fam I have no problem sharing. It was good wasn’t it?” I just sat back in my seat and reminisced. Oh yeah it was good alright matter of fact it was Grrrrrreat………….
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    all snap !! talking bout Grrrrrrreat this was da bomb
    pt.3 please !!!!