Black People : UNFAIR dealing by others

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    It gets so hard to continue fighting your way thru various, derailed plans, programs and life.
    I've had my very fair share of keeping vigilant. Still there is always the distracted, derailing , cheating, USURY, UNFAIR dealing by others that keep me from my real goals.

    Recently, I contacted the State Attorney General and put the spotlight on some negative, edge riding, unscrupulous dealings. Corporate America...:hammer:

    Letters were sent put, responses came back, as expected. Those weasels are riding the edge of the Law. Just under the wire, and since they crafted it's writing along with Congress and the rest. They are skirting by. Maybe?

    The choice is mine to continue, but the actual outcome tells me. Release.
    What happened too that prompted this writing was the attorney general not only shook everyone involved from New York, to missouri. They somehow has a Major Bank contacted here in Cali. I will respond to find out more. Possibly some unclaimed funds reside. lol

    Do you find yourself. fighting thru many things that distract, time take-up, waste your energy nonsense. Someone else unscrupulous as they are is dealing.

    Do you fight thru or do you work thru?