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Feb 28, 2009
A whisper in the night
The dawn's true early light
The innocence of a baby's
gurgle and coo
The secret meaning behind
"I Love You"
The scent of renewal after
a saturating rain
The jewels in that pot of gold
whose luster is too brilliant to explain
The delicate petals of a magenta
tiger lily, so exotic
The words that seemingly flow
out of his psyche, so hypnotic
The passion that he exudes
naturally, so erotic
An essence that stepped out
of a midsummer night's dream
The regal presence that has tapped
me on the shoulder, or so it may seem
The sensual kiss...
that quenches the thirst of passion
that exists no matter which way
I earnestly fashion
the words...the precise words
are simply unobtainable
For it is impossible to explain
the unexplainable
This is awesome! Your descriptive language also "took me there."

I can wholly agree to the "unexplainable!"

....makes me think of Natalie Cole's "Mr. Melody."
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