Black People : Undeterred by Failure in Iraq, Neocons Push for U.S. Attack on Iran...

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    By Andrew I. Killgore

    In his 2002 State of the Union address, President Bush linked Iran with Iraq and North Korea in an “axis of Evil.” The 2003 invasion of Iraq followed, based on Saddam Hussein’s alleged possession of “weapons of mass destruction” and ties to al-Qa'ida. With over 1,000 American soldiers killed and thousands wounded, that war has gone very sour.

    Iran is geographically three and a half times bigger than Iraq and three times as populous, so a U.S. ground invasion with an already overtaxed military seems out of the question. That does not rule out air strikes, however. The neocons’ excuse this time is not Iran’s continuing support for Hezbollah, but its alleged plans to produce nuclear weapons. Once again, the purported threat is not against the United States, but against Israel, which already has up to 200 nuclear weapons.

    But that threat to Israel is what accounts for the support of such neocons/Zionists as Norman Podhoretz, “father of the neocons,” for an attack against Iran. “Like anybody else in the world who is sane,” Podhoretz told the Aug. 22 New York Times, “I am very much worried by Iran gaining nuclear capacity. I am not advocating an invasion of Iran at this moment,” he added, “although I wouldn’t be heartbroken if it happened.”

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    i doubt we will invade iran, i believe they already have nukes. probably some portable nukes as well. israel is worried i believethere will be an all out nuclear war in that region soon (in the coming decades). sad to see an alledged arikan man like colin powell starting the war. and perpetuating the media shaped biased .