Black Poetry : underworld of destruction


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
From deep down where no hearts live
in the deep darkside of the underworld
like da streets of hellbound of sorrow
none hope da feelin of destruction is cast
by the handz of betrayal by da tongues of those
who dare face the reality from the underworld
lay a mixture of false tales told under rays

Inside the glass looking a reflection of mirror image
of no true grasp just hopes as one dip in the pool of
corruption the death angel rise from the ground of
lost dreams known as da underworld as it cast
da spell on the living beckoning in like a wheel
spinning in a upward pace lurking souls to feast on

The path way of pits created by da human flesh
da immortal looms waitin, watchin, seekin
a mind/ a soul/ a heart to spoon da dreams into
a bed of neverland lay a kiss of hot viper
a painful desort of kiss under da ground a world
of darkness crush the wild seeds no one can define it
it's a battle of worlds beyond a war of right & wrong
a tongue dat speaks or hush, underworld is no joke
a bomb set to exsplode

with every tic of the clock every toc on da walls
it looms in da mind to a rebirth of destruction
corrupted corruption lick it's chops on the
ones in the dark stay in the light so u don't go under
by the rock of da craddle from da UNDERWORLD

the underground files


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
watz from the underground is darkness of destruction where feets
like a hammer keep stepping in the same place it cracks and
unleash da world of corruption the only way to get away is stay
in the light and sometime it can't help when the darkside is awaken.......Thankz for the visit into the files of the underworld

angel.....indeed the self destructional maze is placed
the groundz rumble and the darkside is like tales of da crypt
upon da living forth it's a danger zone the light is best so the
face can't be seen but sometime it will cross into the light to
seek it's prey .....
Thanks 4 da visit to the darkside of da underworld

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