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Jul 26, 2001
Understanding the real Amen.

By Andre Austin

In Egypt Amen was: “Who came into being in the beginning ; the great god who liveth by Maat/Truth; the first divine matter which gave birth unto subsequent divine matter”-The Gods of the Egyptians-E.A.Wallis Budge Volume 2 p.13

This is part of the context of Rev 3:14

“”Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God” is is almost a direct lift of the Egyptian pyramind Texts above

Knowing this stolen fact then helps you to proceed to verse 15 to understand the terminology of Hot, Cold and Lukewarm

Being Hot/heart or Cold/heart were negative reactions towards people who were doing you wrong in the NT see ( 2 Cor 11:28-29 & Matthew 24:12) and in the 42 Negative Confessions or Admonitions of Maat.

For example in number 14 & 25 of the Admonitions of Maat it states:

14. I have not lost my Temper (temperature) and become angry

25, I have not made my speech to burn with anger (see The Bible Myth By Gary Greenberg p.154)

In the Egyptian religion the concept of a hot heart was negative as is its followers in the OT/NT

Lukewarm is spit out just like Tefnut who also goes by the name of Maat and the “heat of heaven” which is not Hot but Cool/Lukewarm.

The same temperature/temperament of heaven is the desired behavior of those on earth


When I sent a memo out on this in may my computer was hacked into and the above bible quotes of ( 2 Cor 11:28-29 & Matthew 24:12) were edited out probably by the Jesuits, the intelligence branch of the Catholics.
The unnamed character who is Judging Hot, Cold, Lukewarm is Emperor Domitian
Do not be misled into verse 18 of buying his gold refined in fire into thinking you got to be Hot.

Roman historian Suetonius wrote biographies on 12 Caesars. His annals on Domitian match the book of Revelations and Domitian like a fingerprint or DNA blood type. Suetonius states one fact that after Domitian won his civil war he loved to have his soldiers interrogate people by "scorching his prisoner’s genitals". This matches one of the seven bowls of God's (Domitian) wrath in Revelation 16: 8-9. God/Lord (Domitian) gives permission to his Angel (Army official) to scorch people with fire. They were seared by intense heat (Rev 16:8-9).

Domitian idea of refining with fire is what he called his "Divine Bed" which is the bases for the burning bed in Rev 2:22


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