Black Spirituality Religion : UNDERSTANDING THE FEMALE

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    Everything here is always backwards and misinterpreted.

    When you create without understanding the results are always negative.

    For example, as we explore "What Relgion Did to the African Women," as presented by our esteemed Elder Keita, we find that organized religion in every way seeks to oppress the African Woman, and place she below he.

    Purly from a female perspective I don't lack the understanding that a woman in many ways is exactly made to serve a man, my problem is the way this concept is interpreted by men for men.

    Men just don't understand how much women really love and adore them. They are the ego, so what would you expect?

    I mean is it not amazing that a standard, a principle, and idea, a womb sought to serve your hearts desire and make manifest everything you dare to dream. If that's not in you, then you have not found it, not the g spot yet, lol.

    Really there's only nine of us. Four Principles with two sides makin eight manifest with one unseen, which is the feelings that make up the four Principles or four suits that need each other, and roles are important, because they animate the balance of the unseen.

    Now removing the above paragraph from logical reasoning, I would like to invite you to my world of irrationality or alternate reality.

    There are Four Principles inside and out that manifest you, Earth, Air, Water and Fire, so we figure.

    The brilliance and amazing knowledge our ancestors had of the creator and the duality of the principles, and all of creation is truly the most remarkable art ever witnessed if your looking with your own eyes.

    Really when it comes to being a female it hurts to look at religion with these stubborn eyes, and not feel betrayed and unappreciated. I'm always offended because I see clearly how religion is a game to keep a woman "in her place". To me, there's no such thing as that, because if everything exists, and still remains, it's because there already is a concept of a woman that knows her place.

    Really a girl is just a question.

    I ask myself questions.

    Like if Elder Keita were really that angry then how could we have ever found room to get along?

    I always pay attention to the miracle.

    I ask if Elder Oldiesman really doesn't beleive in a place called heaven then why does he do the right thing?

    I never miss a sunrise.

    Imma a girl: just the question, the dream waiting for everyone to see their first sunrise.

    Imma a girl, so I don't have the luxury of burdening my heart with fear of nuclear destruction, murder, war or disease.

    Someone has to see the sunrise always. There always has to be a miracle.

    What has religion done to the African Woman?

    Everything but tarnish the essence of her sanctity, and to me that means, that someone has to be willing to wait for as many people to see the sunrise before the master switch gets pulled, and you have to rely solely on the generator called your spirit.

    All I know is that religion didn't teach me that, and that's really all I need to know.

    Although I have found amazing people within it, I've never seen anything as collectively fake and systematic as it's manifestations these days.

    And the hardest part about healing is learning how to forgive yourself for the times you weren't yourself.

    I liked the part of the class Makin Sense of the World, when we discussed presentation. At times my swagga is masculine, but my organs or the manifested me is all woman. It's a beautiful thing, but with that comes the understanding of the nature of my spirit.

    Everything I've experienced regardless of the cicumstances or my age only became a nightmare because I stop'd listening to my spirit.

    If I have any shame it's only in the fact that I always knew better.

    The fall is in the choice, the temptation is everywhere and the desire to blame is the makings of religion.

    So you tell me how free are we if we can't stop blaming, and start forgiving, ourselves first.

    I'm seeing the miracle, and never looking back.