Black People : Understanding Integration in Context

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    It goes without saying that for the masses of Africans in America the continued actions of white supremists has turned integration into a big betrayal that has set us further back than we were. While it is easy to look at these circumstances and blame our past leaders for misleading us into a social, political and economic cul de sac, we have to look at integration within the context that it occurred in order to understand what happened and chart a course from where we are.

    First of all, as our brotha oldsoul has pointed out, integration was never about black folks wanting to be close to white folks. The people who fought for integration were house maids, pullman porters, dock workers, clerks. They were already working closely with whites as servants. They knew how dirty white folks are and had no desire to get next to them. What they wanted was better housing, better schools for their children, better grocery stores, better opportunities in every area.

    People today ask why didn't they get these things for themselves? Why did they try to get what the white man had. This question betrays a profound ignorance of our history. I've asked it myself so there is nothing wrojng with being ignorant unless we willfully choose to remain that way in the face of knowledge. The fact is that we did have our own communities, our own recreation facilities, our own businesses, schools and real estate. That's what the KKK was for. That's why the Aryan brotherhoood and special police task forces were formed--to destroy what we had. They burned our busnesses, harassed our clientelle, ran our elected officials out of town and offered death as the only alternative to selling out. It is easy for us to sit in our comfortable 21st century armchairs and say we would have chosen death when we have never been called to make such a choice. Hind sight shows us that working within a system that was designed for our downfall has in no way changed that system for our good. But that was the choice they made based on the world they lived in and the knowledge they had.

    Truth be told, if they had made another choice, if they had chosen to sally forth with Black nationalism the Klan would still have burnt our busineeses and harassed our clientelle, the CIA would still have flooded our communities with crack and mudered our strongest warriors. And then right now we would be blaming the Black Panther party for our troubles and calling Malcolm X an Uncle Tom flunkie.

    The principle of sankofa is not so that we can look back and see who to blame for our present condition. It is so that we can have a four-way panarama of nonlinear holistic time. Only by looking at the whole picture can we assess where we are and what we need to do diffently to get where we want to be.