Black People : Understanding Black Divinity As Oppose To Afrikan Spirituality

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    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Everything we believe is centered around what we have been told to be the facts as so presented by a people identifying themselves as Human Beings, so all contemporary concepts such as Science, Scientific, God, Universe, Stars, Elements and even Energy, to name a few, all have come to us with a Defining Meaning from those people calling themselves Human Beings and those people have demonstrated that they have no redeeming qualities that will allow them to live Divinely with a people that happen to be their direct opposites, in term of Phenotype and what they call Mental action, it being a process of Thoughtful Thinking, which develop a Life body attitude and behavior that display its action either Divinely or Religiously Spiritual, either way they both denote action, so the important concern is of the quality of that action, if it is Divinely active then the body attitude and behavior is an action that is in Harmony, Order and Balance with the Universe Action and if not, the body action of attitude and behavior is of a Religious Spiritual action and it is that action of spirit that function not in an action of Harmony, Order and Balance, So Afrikan Spirituality is Human Being Religious belief about the way we are to behave, without set restriction for the Spiritual Behavior and Attitude to function.

    Afrikan spirituality is about forgiveness and such imply an anticipation of a life attitude and behavior that does not function Divinely, whereby Black Divinity indicate a Life attitude and Behavior that is functioning in Harmony, Order and Balance with the attitude and Behavior of the Universe inanimate elemental objects and Ethereal Elements, all moving by the innate Energy of the Essence Eternal and Infinite Existence.

    Therefore, if you do not know what God Is, then you will confuse Spirituality with Divinity, one being an action and the other a Quality of Action, all operating in possession of the Eternal Infinite Energy Essence, that Essence we refer to as God and ITS Shadow Is The Perfect Night, which has no beginning or Ending and is Eternal and Infinite.

    Our Ancient First Way Divine Cosmic Black Ancestors, they were in the knowledge with understanding of the God Essence, meaning they were aware of the Meaning and Purpose of the action of the Universe, meaning that they were without doubt in the know of what God Is but not the God Essence, a Divine Truth And Reality that need not to be Defined, just to be Known.

    All Divine Action of the Universe is capable of being Known and Understood, and our First Way Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors serve to verify that to be the Science of the Fact to be Known, by all who revolve in the circle of Divinity, the First way Ancestors dealt not in teaching about the fantasy of Spiritual beings, they informed us about the Spiritual Action that emanate from Divine Thought, that which is a Mental process that connect Divinely with the center of your body gravity, which religion refer to it as being the Soul within the body life, the God Energy that need not to be saved from the profanity of the spirit ( action ) of life, our First way Ancestors Knew and still know that it is our Life that is in need of saving, a need that came after the process of the body Thoughts, no longer function on the Divine level of a Life Spirit that display a attitude and behavioral discipline, that is not of a Divine Function.

    The problem with Black people is that we have been intentionally made to be confuse about the Divine Spirit ( action ) an Energy that reveal an empirical factual expression that is beyond the manipulation and is beyond the influence of the likes of Beings claiming to be Human and have described themselves to be no more than Liars and Masters of Deception, claiming to live a Life of Religious Spirituality and not a life of Divinity, meaning a life attitude and behavior that function and is expressed in a Spirit ( action ) of Harmony, Order And Balance, evidence of having an intimate and dynamic relationship with the Divine Universe, whose Shadow Of the Essence of All Things is the Perfect Night, the Science that reveal the evidence of fact of Its Essence Is Eternal Infinity.

    The Divine Truth and Reality is that Afrikan Spirituality is an attribute of Religion, in all uncertain term, and our Ancient First Way Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors did not operate nor lived in a religious mode, nor with a fantasy, expressing spirit Beings, but they reveal a Life living that was and is of an attitude and behavior that was and is Divine, reflecting a process of thoughtful Thinking that reflected a Energy mentality that function expressively in Harmony, Order and Balance, out as well as inside of the Body, verifying the Science of Its Essence to be that of Divine Truth and Reality, as so expressed by the Divine expression of the Universe, verifying that all there is, is connected.

    Beloved, all that the Essence of all things, which is Divinely in Its Action, produced all things Divinely, but is not to say that all things are Divine in its Action, yet within the center of gravity of all things are Divine, but the Body Life of all things has a responsibility to function and be expressive Divinely, yet the Science of that Divine Reality is that all Body Life does not function Divinely and that which is not Divine is Profane and the empirical evidence being the quality of our Thoughts which is expressed by the body life attitude and behavior and the evidence show that there is most certainly Spiritual Evil in this World, while in the expression of Divinity, Evil is not present,.because evil is sporadic and erratically expressed in a spirit of disharmony, disorder and is imbalance, the antithesis to Divinity.

    Afrikan Spirituality is not Black Divinity, one is a belief expressed by the Human Being and the other is quality of Thought expressed by the knowledge of the Divine Black Beings.

    When You do Not Know, You Set Yourself Up To Believe Anything Profane.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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    Why can't Chief Elder Osiris post when we know we love him and Destee wants him to Post?

    Why do we so-called Africans any ware have to wait on Europeans to give us any thing?

    Why do we still think in this day and time that we are suppose to go Fight and Die in "Wars" that are not ours?

    Why don't our collective so-called Vote really count...hence...Ragen and now Bush as a prime example?

    Why is anything concerning our well being always something of controversy to the so-called white race?

    Why do Africans in Amerikkka pay Taxes to the IRS when we are not considered even in the US Constitution except under article #1 and section #2 as...Three (3/5) fiths Hue-Man??

    Why do Africans in Amerikkka think we have to wait on white Amerikkka to "give" us "Jobs"?

    Why are we last hired and first fired?

    Why do we have to continue to suffer the humiliation of racism with out standing up for justice for ourselves?

    Why do we think in the back of our Black minds that G-d is white and so are all of his "Chosen-People"?

    Why do we continue to allow our black Children to be ruined, hoodwinked, bamboozeled and "Indoctrinated" in all the white "Lies" and foolishness by white Amerikkka?

    Why do those of us who think they have transinded all racial bounds and rose above the condition of their people "Still Ware the Badge of Master Slave Ownership by the European Names they still have"?

    Why are we (Africans in Amerikkka) the only people on Planet Earth...the Only People ware-ing the "Names of Some Other People"??

    Why is it that we are afraid to excersize our so-called "Emancipated-Freedom"?

    And above all...why do we worship, honor, bow-down to, and believe in any and all "White Folks Ancestors" and totaly "Ignore, feel ashamed, know nothing about our own "Black" so-called "African" (Family) Ancestors?.........Why!?


    Note: It is absolutely positive that when we know the answers to these and other questions concerning (Blacks) "Us"...we will be fully ready to go into action to "Liberate" ourselves.

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    What is wrong with Osiris's computer I can help him if someone sends me the specifications, his operating system and his problems.