Black Poetry : Understand-(Understanding the revolutionary mind)

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    Jun 25, 2001
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    Poet All Day, Everyday
    Detroit, MI
    Sister you don’t seem to understand where I am coming from
    With my lyrics of revolution and freedom
    Is my inspiration any less than yours?
    When I recline chin in the palm of my hand
    Thoughts whirling in a waterfall
    Until they drip marathons of lines across paper
    Torrential passion
    Whether you be making love
    Or I be making war
    Pressing for the next cause
    Should I disdain you for preferring to speak on soaked draws
    Funk, sex, and sweat?
    While I would rather get minds wet
    Find out what lies between genes X and Y
    Instead of access to jeans to part thighs
    I stroke your cerebral with creamy words
    Impart songs in the key of life unheard
    Silky similes slide softly from my lips
    Like Victoria Secret of hips
    When I engage in this oral affection
    Guaranteed to stimulate erection----
    No need to slide on protection
    I want you to feel and each and every curve of this selection
    I French kiss the tips of your neurons
    Got your spirit arching more gracefully than a swan
    Tongue trailing against the nape of your erotic-neurotic senses
    Rendering your soul defenseless
    With my pen strokes
    My words tickle your throat
    Nibble at your earlobe
    As I reveal a world of pleasures untold
    My epic unfolds
    All over you like a summer morning mist
    Metaphors melt upon lips
    The honey of my wisdom drips
    Deep into the essence of your brown skin
    Truths so good you would swear it was a sin
    I set your soul aflame with whispers of the wind
    Peaking passion through poetical promises
    The Revolution becomes an all-consuming fire
    In the escalated desire for these words to take you higher
    Delve deeper than the depths of the Atlantic Ocean
    Into your mind motion evoking sensational emotion
    Open mic got you open wide
    Open eyes and open minds
    Revolution is ----
    The curve in your smile
    The hope to carry you that extra mile
    The beauty in your lover’s face
    The Gift of God’s grace
    Laughter of the soul
    Words that make you whole
    Holding hands
    Making love in golden sands
    Keeping the faith
    Defining your own destiny and fate
    Uplifting your mind
    Encouraging your brothers and sisters to shine
    It is strength from the heavens above
    It is love
    It is life
    It is the ability to stand and fight
    It is you and it is I
    It us unified
    So please understand that the revolution is no one person or thing
    But a scope that is all encompassing
    And though we may stand on two different shores
    You making love and I making war
    There would be no future worth living
    If it were not for both of us giving
    The deepest and purest sentiments of our souls and hearts
    To the beauty of these arts
    It is truly one…….

    Copyright © 2001 Chantay "Legacy" Leonard
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    Mar 19, 2001
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    "...I French kiss the tips of your neurons"

    Now **** Legacy that is a line of all lines. I've written numerous times on other replies that there is always one or two lines that sum up a piece. For me that was it.

    I'm living in the "Minneapple" ,but my HOME is Detroit, the "D". 7 mile and Pennington. What part of the "D" you reside?

    tight scribe

    one love,blak

    oh yeah, WELCOME
  3. Da Street So'ja

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    Jun 11, 2001
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    thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ
    where failure is not an option

    in the trenches
    the life sentence
    we pay attetion
    when hit with the lesson

    nice work, dunn

    feeling ya power

    Peace from Da Streets
  4. shaz

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    Apr 6, 2001
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    Eloquences of articulations in your assimilations of your revolutionary situation has stimulated my minds erection.
    Excellently orchestrated verse Poet
    Thank you