Black People : Understand often things R not what the population at large think they see

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    The Zeitgeist Film Series Gateway | Zeitgeist: The Movie, Zeitgeist: Addendum, Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

    Official Site for 'Zeitgeist: The Movie', 'Zeitgeist: Addendum', 'Zeitgeist: Moving Forward' and Zeitgeist: Beyond The Pale by Peter Joseph

    Zeitgeist.understand that very often things are not what the
    population at large think they are.

    Thank you for your interest in Zeitgeist.

    Zeitgeist was created as a not for profit expression to inspire people to start looking at the world from a more critical perspective and to understand that very often things are not what the population at large think they are. The information in Zeitgeist was established over a year long period of research and the current Source page on this site lists the sources used / referenced.
    Soon, an interactive transcript will be online with detailed footnotes and links.

    It's important to point out that there is a tendency to simply disbelieve things that are counter to our understanding, without the necessary research performed.

    For example, some information contained in Part 1 and Part 3, specifically, is not obtained by simple keyword searches on the Internet. You have to dig deeper. For instance, very often people who look up "Horus" or "The Federal Reserve" on the Internet draw their conclusions from very general or biased sources. Online encyclopedias or text book Encyclopedias often do not contain the information contained in Zeitgeist. However, if one takes
    the time to read the sources provided, they will find that what is being presented is based on documented evidence. Any corrections, clarifications & further points regarding the film are found on the Clarifications page.

    That being said, it is my hope that people will not take what is said
    in the film as the truth, but find out for themselves, for truth is not told, it is realized. Thank you

    Corrections / Clarifications

    - Regarding the "Official Release" on Google Video -

    The text reads: ["Collapse Characteristics of World T. Center 1, 2 & 7 fit the Controlled Demolition Model Exactly"]

    -WTC 7 fits the C.D. model exactly, however Towers 1 and 2 were, in fact, EXPLOSIONS rather than implosions.

    The means of the demolition of Towers 1 and 2 would be considered "unconventional". The free fall speed; collapse "into its own footprint" and other such goals of controlled demolition, are however confluent.

    1:04:09 -1:04:16
    The video here is of the Madrid Bombings of 2004, not the London Bombings of 2005.
    It is used as a creative expression and example.

    1:23:35 -1:23:38
    There is a computational error stated in the narration. It should say: (correction in italics)
    -"Roughly 25% of the average worker's income is taken via this tax"
    [According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average US salary is about $36,000 which translates to a 25% Federal Income Tax.
    *35% is the high tax bracket ]

    There is a statement error in the narration. It should say: (correction in italics)
    -"J.D. Rockefeller made 200 million dollars off of it [WWI]. That's about 1.9 Billion by today's standards"
    [It was stated as "1.9 Trillion", which was misspoken and intended to have been read "Billion", not "Trillion".
    Note: Based on the Consumer Price Index (not the GDP used initially), this conversion can also be figured at about 3 Billion dollars]

    The narration states regarding W.Wilson and the Federal Reserve Act:
    "Years Later Woodrow Wilson wrote in regret..."
    - The notion of "years later" is incorrect. The quote is taken from his book "The New Freedom" and
    it was written the same year he signed the Federal Reserve Act.

    General Points of Discussion

    - In this section I would like to specifically address emails sent in contention of certain points in the work -

    Part 1 - The Greatest Story Ever Told

    Quote From G. Massey Lectures: The Logia of the Lord, 1900
    ["It is the commonly accepted orthodox belief that Christianity originated with the life, miracles, sayings, and teachings; the birth, death, resurrection, and ascension of an historic Jesus the Christ at the commencement of our era, called Christian; whereas, the origins were manifold, but mostly concealed. It is impossible to determine anything fundamental by an appeal to the documents which, alone out of a hundred Gospels, were made Canonical. And when Eusebius recorded his memorable boast that he had virtually made "all square" for the Christians, it was an ominous announcement of what had been done to keep out of sight the mythical and mystical rootage of historic Christianity. The Gnostics had been muzzled, and their extant evidences, as far as possible, masked. He and his co-conspirators did their worst in destroying documents and effacing the tell-tale records of the past, to prevent the future from learning what the bygone ages could have said directly for themselves. They made dumb all Pagan voices that would have cried aloud their testimony against the unparalleled imposture then being perfected in Rome. They had almost reduced the first four centuries to silence on all matters of the most vital importance for any proper understanding of the true origins of the Christian Superstition. The mythos having been at last published as a human history everything else was suppressed or forced to support the fraud. Christolatry is founded on the Christ, who is mythical in one phase and mystical in the other; Egyptian (and Gnostic) in both, but historical in neither. "]

    Topic 1:
    "Primary Sources"

    The astrotheological and literary basis for the culmination of the Bible is, of course, a heated discussion, as it often directly interferes with the very identity of the believers of the Judeo-Christian Theology. The core of the arguments presented by those who think the information in Part 1 is unfounded or interpolated, is that the sources that I have used are by poor scholars, who lack association with "primary" sources. I want to clarify this issue by discussing one of my sources, the work of Gerald Massey, who was an Egyptologist who died in 1907. His work was in conjunction with a very prominent Egyptologist and Antiquary, Samuel Birch, an expert on hieroglyphics. Gerald Massey's gift for interpreting metaphoric literature, coupled with Birch's genius for understanding Hieroglyphics led to profound and controversial discoveries regarding information contained in such works as the Egyptian Book for the Dead, The Coffin Texts and the Pyramid texts. These discoveries can be found in Massey masterpieces such as Ancient Egypt, The Light of the World, and A Book of Beginnings. It's worth pointing out that hieroglyphics were not fully understood as a language until the 18/19th centuries, keeping its communications a secret for many 100s of years. Therefore, the staggering Egyptian parallels to the Cult of Equinoctial Christolatry (Christianity) were not well known in the modern age until that time. To understand that the information found isn't just a few points here and there that seem similar, I have uploaded an Appendix from Ancient Egypt, The Light of the World, which reflects a list of Egyptian mythological characteristics which were basically Christianized in the Canonical Gospels and the Book of Revelation. Click Here

    Basic Sources:

    Part 1:
    Massey, Gerald - The Historic Jesus and the Mythical Christ, The Book Tree
    Carpenter, Edward: Pagan and Christian Creeds: Their Origin and Meaning Book Tree, 1998
    Acharya S - The Christ Conspiracy, Adventures Unlimited Press
    Massey, Gerald - Ancient Egypt: Light of the World, Kessinger Publishing
    Churchward, Albert -The Origin and Evolution of Religion, The Book Tree
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    The Naked Truth (Film) IRES
    Jackson, John G. : Christianity Before Christ, American Atheist Press, 1985

    Part 2:
    Griffin, David Ray - 911 The Myth and the Reality
    Ruppert, Michael -The Truth and Lies of 9-11
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    Hilder, Anthony J.-The Greatest Lie Ever Sold
    vonKleist, Dave - 911 In Plane Site
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    Rodriguez, William - What really happened on 9/11?

    ** Important Reference Books **
    Ruppert, Michael - Crossing the Rubicon, New Society Publishers
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    Marrs, Jim - The Terror Conspiracy: Deception, 9/11 and the Loss of Liberty, Disinformation Company

    Part 3:
    Perloff, James - The Shadows of Power, Western Islands
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    Dye, Thomas R. - The Irony of Democracy, Wadsworth Publishing
    Greider, William - Secrets of the Temple: How the Federal Reserve Runs the Country, Simon & Schuster
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    Allen, Fredrick Lewis - "Morgan The Great"/ Life Magazine - 4/25/1949
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    Pool, James - Who Financed Hitler: the Secret Funding... ,Pocket Books
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    Grace Commision Report - 1984 - Reagan Admin
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    I just watched it and sent the link to others that I know

    but thank you :bowdown:

    and thank you again
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    Most societies teach people to be clones. They want most dancing to the same beat to keep away from critical thinking. People dancing off beat are only wanted so it can be said that those people are there to try to prevent revolution.
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    thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ
    where failure is not an option

    will never get it

    they fear themselves

    this is a must see

    but you must be ready for the truth

    thank you for the post

    now waiting for them take the film off the internet